The Hellfreaks - Astoria

"Hell Sweet Hell" released in 2010 consisted of the track "Boogie Man", by the band The Hellfreaks. During this time frame of their musical careers, they would take a look and feel of straight out if not on, psychobilly meets horror punk. Clearly stated upon their video of "Boogie Man" and everything else on "Hell Sweet Hell" for that matter. Since that release, they went on to do a follow-up album "Circus of Shame" in 2014. It would take them a few years to release more material, as the band would go through some changes in sound, as their psychobilly meets horror punk, would cease to exist. Being put in its place would be pure on rock n' roll!

The rock n' roll direction or punk rock as opposed to the previous styling, they were so well known for would change to this approach of style and sound. As the material off their newest and latest release titled "Astoria", takes 11-tracks to their fullest drive, possible, only showing elements of what once was there. As it would go, this album takes several songs off itself, that would be made into singles or video releases, that would include such tracks as "Burn The Horizon". "Rope", "Back To My Planet", and "Why Do You Talk".

These songs chosen for the single to video purpose, being truly the right choices to be had. As they were given quite the experience when listening in. Their pulsating tunes of hyperactivity being fierce. Heavy energy with even heavier music to back it up, some elements of their past genres mixed in, makes the tunes more of a mixture of rock meets punk more so than their previous works. It is a change, but this change is good in some ways, as such it is good because the music bounces more, it is more fast approachable and moves it all in a flawless cycle. As opposed to their previous material that maintained a more steadier pace of tone. Which sounded nice yet very decent if at that.

All in all though The Hellfreaks' most recent efforts titled "Astoria", is just downright fun. Lots of energy, angst, and blood rushing throughout your whole body, when listening to this take of The Hellfreaks of the here and now.

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