The Fright to Release New Album

Put your hand on your heart: It's hardly going to be any old random stories when a band like The Fright names its latest release after one of the greatest works of world literature. The title "Canto V" goes back to Dante's Inferno, in other words to the opening section of his Divine Comedy, and it documents two things: Firstly, it's the fifth studio album by the formation from Thüringen (which explains the Roman symbol for 5), secondly, it's a particularly special piece of work, both musically and with regard to subject matter.

For, even more than on their previous releases, on "Canto V", The Fright perfects their greatest strengths. At the same time, their first-class songwriting once again effortlessly meets international standards, sounding as catchy as it is ambitious. As we have become accustomed, the Thuringian dark rockers' sound derives from a wide variety of sources, from Gothic Rock legends like Bauhaus, The Cult, The Mission, Sisters Of Mercy or 69 Eyes (who The Fright toured with in 2013) to traditional hard rock à la Whitesnake, Mötley Crüe, Guns N` Roses or Skid Row. "I love Sebastian Bach!" confesses singer Lon Fright, who founded the group back in 2002. "Canto V" will be released October 13th via SPV/Steamhammer, so save the date with a big fat cross in your calendar.

The album was produced by well-known producer Waldemar Sorychta (Lacuna Coil, Tiamat, Sodom, Moonspell and many others). Waldemar Sorychta about the co-operation with The Fright: "This is a really outstanding band and they present a well dosed mixture between Gothic tunes and Metal. Strong melodies and hook lines alongside a very talented shouter - this is top notch! The whole production process was extremely enjoyable. I definitely found some new friends. Thanks a lot guys."

Cover art by German artist Timo Würz (Marvel and DC Comics, Band artwork for ASP, Psychopunch and many others). "Canto V" will be available digitally in North America.


2. No One
3. Wander Alone
4. Love Is Gone
5. Fade Away
6. Oblivion
8 Drowned In Red
9. Century Without A Name
10. In Sicherheit

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