Soles Of Passion - Land of the Big Blue Sun

Soles Of Passion is one duo that does country music in a more genuine way. Hence their latest release in the form of an EP titled "Land of the Big Blue Sun", where it is truly original and creative, being really unique in all sense. The duo combines the likes of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Steven Wolfe, and vocalist Myla Snow, who have offered an invite for listeners to get that unique fresh take of material off this EP.

"Turned It All Around" is one of four tracks to be found upon this release, it really brings to mind a similar rhythm to that of Michael Jackson's "Black Or White" track, in melody terms at times, as for the vocal range and music in general, it has a lot going for it really. Lots of energy, upbeat catchiness, with an over powering sense that keeps the music pulsing. "It's So You", and "I'm Begging You Now", are much more easy going, and laid back recordings of tracks. They maintain as the opener does, a very upbeat tone with catchiness through and though. The title track brings to the forth front of the release that country vibe, front and center, having a violin play out, but it keeps the music in check, and entertaining. Really though the entire EP does play out to be something that not most country based artists or bands could pull off in this manner.

Soles Of Passion really put a mark on being genuine and unique. Their source of style is outgoing, catching and enjoyable. Lyrics, vocal and instrumental work plays off one another, that it works well to make it very well rounded. As such, the "Land of the Big Blue Sun" EP is well crafted and so put together, that they will be that one duo to keep an eye on.

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