Peasant Moon - Our Timing Was Wrong

Peasant Moon is a duo of the alternative country kind, as their choice of music genre, takes their latest EP "Our Timing Was Wrong", making it one original piece. This EP has the duo building upon their sound by adding an addition of a full band on a lot of the tracks. Having been working alone on previous works as a duo only, this full band mark up should bring it home for them. As it would have it, this would indeed work in their favor.

"Back In Time", opens up the release with a true focus upon the music. While "Over Again", and "Party", keep the music rolling along, as the vocal chords from the duo clash together, to create a path for the music in the backdrop, to flow right atop. In other words, these song selections are pretty much the alternative country style that this duo was achieving to create but have gotten better at it. As it was mentioned prior, they have this genre put into full force, but it has been built upon, it sounds more fleshed out, with an edginess that keeps it punching. More upbeat and appealing that it is a type of music that will have you wanting more.

Peasant Moon's EP "Our Timing Was Wrong", may be a miss matched title choice, because their timing was the right choice for them. This being a solid piece of work that makes alternative country more pleasing to the ears.

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