Dust Of Days - Heavy

"Analog Mind Bender", the sophomore efforts and follow-up release to debut release "Thorns and Grace", by alternative grunge rockers Dust Of Days. "Analog Mind Bender", containing track 4 titled "Heavy", one of the more low end tracks with great meaning behind it.

That meaning being within the lyrical content of course. But of course, as this song details the struggles of hearing the lies told by many, that all they do is talk, end up being selfish, and greedy that they are sick of you, even though you were sick of them even before any of this happened. But in the end it all leads to a noose around your neck and that fall of death. Yes a song about death and the pain leading up to it, which is something many of us can relate to. We have all been there, experienced it, those thoughts of suicide, death, to being feared of it not wanting it to happen at all. It varies from person to person but on "Heavy", the truth comes out in full. For that 2 minutes and 45 seconds of time, Dust Of Days expresses their pain and suffering within this time frame of length that is this song. Their words being very expressive, emotional, and meaningful for all to hear. Whereas the music gives off a low end source of appeal, not really being acoustic, still electric but still pleasing to the ear.

It is one of those tracks that can become a ballad without the harmonic melodies just downright aggressive tone of progressive, within the instrumental parts, leaving the vocal chords to do their bidding, time, and abilities. The vocal chords played here are done rather well. They expose the motive of the feelings within those lyrics and meaning of this track. It all pretty much just plays within itself, working it altogether to come full circle.

Dust Of Days is just another one of those acts, that brings to many others a lot like them. Like one's such as Crossfade, Hoobastank, and Lo Pro. Other hard rock alternative acts, that give off that same sensation as Dust Of Days does within this track, and their releases entirely really. Their music is very catching and has an upbeat tone that keeps the music pulsing and active.

"Heavy", ends up being really one of those tracks, off a release that you can find appealing at any listen, whether that would be the first time around, or several times over, it is just a gripping track with a strong approach that it pulls you in with its music and vocal work easy. Nevertheless these guys are an act with a following for some time now, they have got some releases tucked away with more  on the horizon.

Surely these guys will continue to expand and branch out with their abilities as musicians, being able to craft together more material, that is just as pleasing as this track, let alone it's accompanying album. If you are into an act that rocks as hard as these guys do, then by all means.


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