Fall Out Boy - The Boys of Zummer Tour: Live in Chicago

Fall Out Boy where to begin, way back in 2003, when releasing their debut album "Take This to Your Grave" this was how discovering them, lead me to becoming a fan. After this release, came the rest such as "From Under the Cork Tree" (2005), "Infinity on High" (2007), and "Folie à Deux" (2008), this album was the end of the line for me. While that album had some decent tracks, it was not like the previous albums, let alone nothing like the debut album from way back then. So after this release, the band would then go on a hiatus, pursuing other projects during this time frame. Would Fall Out Boy come back ever again?

Well like every artist or band that says they will never come back during a hiatus or break up, Fall Out Boy did return, along with some live releases in-between, like "Live In Phoenix" a first for the group, being a combination of a live CD and DVD released in 2008. After that the band would indeed come back sometime later, flash forward just a bit to 2012-2013 time and this is when the band would come back, releasing more material, including two albums "Save Rock and Roll" (2013) and "American Beauty/American Psycho" (2015). All that was fine and good but would another live release see the light of day from the good old boys in Fall Out Boy?

Yes it would, in the form of just a live DVD called "The Boys of Zummer Tour: Live in Chicago". A 17-track setlist consisting of songs from the past and present, including one of the earlier tracks off their debut album, called "Saturday" is always included a classic fan favorite. Aside from that the usual material can be seen and heard upon this DVD release including "Dance Dance", "Sugar, We're Goin Down", "This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race", "Thnks Fr Th Mmrs", as well as other newer tracks like "I Don't Care", "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)", "Irresistible", "Uma Thurman", to "The Phoenix", to "Young Volcanoes".

Besides the setlist of course, the stage presents was projection, projection, with more projection, a stair case a little one, was used for the band mates to run and jump upon, while the rest were big screens, showcasing various images, from fire, lights of their initials FOB, to other coloring effects, whatever can be seen, was thrown upon those screens.

As far as the crowd of on lookers, it was a sold out crowd for one thing, every inch of the venue being packed in with people, that everyone there was singing along to the lyrics, of most of the songs played. No mosh pit activity could be seen much really, but maybe just a tiny bit of it. Otherwise everyone witnessing their stage presents, was jumping up and down to waving their arms from side to side, to shouting their hearts out.

Everyone that was present was happy to be there, including the band, them giving off quite a good performance, enjoying themselves, and happy to be back in action, since returning from their hiatus a little while ago. All in all, it was a good concert DVD performance, and one that will live up to the first live CD/DVD combination for sure. Pick up this release if you are an overall fan of the guys that are Fall Out Boy.

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