Save Your Last Breath - Torn Of Aeon

Save Your Last Breath's style began as a metalcore genre, when first starting out in 2011. Since then so did their style, switching from metalcore to combining along with black metal to create something along the lines of blackened metalcore as their ending result. By using the black metal elements this help them gain additional grip, with the added deathcore riffs played on a higher stance, than other bands were doing within this genre, causing quite a unique mixture of tunes.

That said, Save Your Last Breath would go on to write and record material that would turn into a debut album calling itself "Torn Of Aeon". The album itself running close to 40 minutes with 10 tracks, including an extra so 11 in total, is quite something else. Since the opening number that is "Visions" all the way to "Exitium", the album is flawless. Lots of instrumentals are used since the start until now, having the album be more enjoyable, and perhaps more heavier than first thought.

The rest of the album's tracks 5 through 11, are quite impressive to say the least, one's like "Your Greed", "Aftermath", "Hollow", and "Hell In Me", these alone, really set up this album as a whole. The material is raw and very powerful, intense really, the vocal chords used throughout really stand out, floating above the instrumental parts, while those parts, are standing strong on their own, just making it all fit together more easily, if that makes any sense.

All in all Save Your Last Breath's debut album "Torn Of Aeon", is a solid release, that will surely have these guys going places with ease, let alone no problem for sure.

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