Fealress Vampire Killer's Blood Never Dries

Fearless Vampire Killer's as the name goes the band's portrayal is vampiresque. As such these five-some pop death punks have provided a tale all of their own. That goes with the release of their debut EP "In Grandomina...” Frontman Laurence Beveridge had written a novel Ruple & Evelyn and according to him the songs were based on personal experiences but illustrated in a fictional setting that is further explained in the novel. Nevertheless, that tale of the beginning has continued forth with a new chapter titled "The Blood Never Dries".

This follow-up EP comes with a set of tunes that resemble that of its previous release but this variety enhances the listener’s experience. The intro track is just that an awkwardly distorted intro that goes right into "A Study In Dystopia", an upbeat pop punk instrumental track that has a soothing pattern with an aggressive effect that makes the music "pop"! "Bleed Til Sunrise", is the exact opposite of the soothing method with aggressive beat but more oppressive than aggressive if that makes sense. This tune keeps the guitars at bay at times letting them accord at their own will as everything else follows through.

"Concede, Repent, Destroy", has a soft intro then breaks free and keeps a high momentum of energy pulsing throughout the tune.  The guitars, drums, and bass lines are all there releasing a constant rush builds the music more and more concluding with the final track in the mix "Fetish For The Finite". This song debuted in the format of a music video the second by the Fearless Vampire Killers, having their first be "Palace In Flames". “Fetish For The Finite”, is slightly similar to “Palace In Flames” having the same beat rhythm and type of lyrical context but it turns out to be more in-depth.

Fearless Vampire Killers are on a killing streak if you will and surely the conclusion to their epic tale will justify everything. 

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