Wooden Jesus's Demo Beginnings

Do you have forty-two minutes to spare in your regular day to day activities? If you answered yes then by all means get your attitude into proper adjustment because Wooden Jesus is here to resurrect your mind and expand your heart and soul.

Not only does their current but only demo release, resurrect your body from the inside out but it truly delivers and exposes the ultimate expression that is hidden within the essence that makes up that rock n’ roll vibration. The band tends to combine the classical styles of Soundgarden, meets Alice in Chains with a little added flare of Pearl Jam thrown in between to mix it altogether. By doing so, this instant combination of tunes brings out that crisp clear sound, of rock that defines its meaning.

For instance, the combination of Alice in Chains meets Soundgarden is quite remarkable, having those added flare ups of added guitar riffs with the double bass drum attitude really expresses the rock vibe rhythm that keeps this rock adrenaline absolutely alive. Let’s not forget the vocals of course, now these really set up the entire lay-up because those vocals clearly demonstrate that true blue essence of Alice in Chains because of those vocals. Now they are the ones that set up with that unique soundwave that makes the music shutter.

Wooden Jesus’ style is vibrant and smooth with added class that casts out that flare of modern rock attitude with outstanding energy that seeps right into the skin.

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