The End Is Quite Not That Near with the Feisty Piranhas

“The End”, isn’t your average take when it comes to releasing an album title let alone a full blown combo of a CD and DVD thrown together. With the Feisty Piranhas they tend to present this modern rock n’ roll influence that takes a lashing out at the punk scene with an “in-your-face” attitude – which is clearly noticeable when it comes to this double header release.

On the CD portion you’re given 17-tracks of hard hitting punk rock but the audio from the live performance isn’t all that great. The vocals and instruments in the backdrop aren’t up to speed and cannot compare to other live albums that I’ve come across. This live portion of the album just doesn’t present that mega energy impact that these so-called Feisty Piranhas have been known to portray.

Whereas the DVD portion is the live effect of what the CD offers but the DVD tends to add a little more than just audio tracking and live performance footage. It adds on this withdrawing effect of notability for one being that during the entire performances the video footage is clearly taken from two if not more showcases of the band’s performance rank. Which lacks the whole viewing effect from witnessing one song from one point and then jumping to another song at another spot it just doesn’t add up it makes the viewer more confused than enjoying themselves.

The Feisty Piranhas combo hands down is quite interesting especially the packaging it comes in but as for the CD/DVD’s themselves they’re nice to listen and watch as often as you may like but not as quite as enjoyable as one would think possible.

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