Terror! Mayhem! And Horror! Oh my!

Tonight all is welcome to have a seat in the backseat of my hearse! Because a trio of brotherly Vampires walk amongst us, the Arizona Vampires known only as Calabrese – January 23rd 2010 at The Juke Joint! In Anaheim, California a group for the drunken hearted to come and rejoice. Tonight the bar and grill paid their debts to showcase a night of pure punk rock minus the trio of Vampirism.

As the night started off clean and clear the usual round-up of punk rockers invaded the stage with their double bass guitar swinging microphone screaming gut retching tunes letting their emotions run with envy. The night of course was just getting started but had soon found itself drawing to a close – for it was now the midnight hour and the clock would soon be striking twelve. As soon as this occurred everybody in waiting stood and waited because the horrifying conclusion of the nightfall was just about to begin.

Horror punks Calabrese erupted the stage full force with the upbeat rock n’ roll hits off their latest releases “13 Halloweens”, and “The Traveling Vampire Show”, and the yet to soon be released “They Call Us Death: Calabrese III”, due out in March. The night was young and filled with drunks of the misunderstood genre as the music played on a mosh pit had formed as fists went flying and everybody standing at the foot of the stage got heaved directly into it. (I myself getting my knees pinned on/off) But the mosh pit mayhem was about to subside itself for as the set of Calabrese roamed onward the pit had continued to consume more and more of the concert goers.

Calabrese broke out in song with not only their own material such as “Violet Hellfire”, “Voices of the Dead”, “Zombie I”, “Backseat of my Hearse”, and Misfits covers “We Are 138”, and “We Bite”, along with “Sacrifice Theory” by AFI which really got the crowd dancing and pushing to the beat of the music. Before wrapping up their set for the night, drummer Davey got up off his feet and interacted briefly with the crowd asking goofily “How does my hair look?” as the crowd whistled sexily and appealed with approval, also adding “How about the back?” the crowd repeating their applause of approval.

The brotherly trio broke out in an encore of three more songs, which summered down the intensity of the crowd of leftovers that stood in wait and pounder the thought of this long forsaken night.

Set list:
Death Eternal
Vampires Don't Exist
Deep in the Red
Zombie I
Midnight Spookshow
House of Mysterious Secrets
Violet Hellfire
Sacrifice Theory (AFI Cover)
Voices of the Dead
Black Anathema
Night of the Lonesome October
We Bite (The Misfits Cover)
We Are 138 (The Misfits Cover)
Saturday Night of the Living Dead

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