Serene Dark Gives the Details of their New Album, Recent Single and Future Planning Matters

SERENE DARK will bring forth their extreme metal to all new reaches and heights, going beyond the expected, being unexpected with their upcoming album out this year. For the mean time though, they have released a debut track titled "Dualitatem", with touring dates enlisted as well. That is what the band goes into details about and where their future holds for them.

1. Give a brief history of Serene Dark, music style, and the members.

Serene Dark was formerly known as Endemise. The name change was something we have been talking about for years now. The current line up of the band has been making music for 7+ years together, the longest lasting line up in the bands history. We decided it was finally the right time and Serene Dark was born. The music has a similar sound to Endemise (Black / Death Metal) but we have incorporated a lot of new elements to give the band a fresh but familiar sound.

2. Can you explain the name swap of going from Endemise to Serene Dark?

Endemise was a name I came up with when I was 15 years old and the band has seen so many changes, not just members but musically. I wanted a fresh start as the mature, adult version of the band. We are excited for the new direction Serene Dark will take us.

3. The first source material to come under the new namesake is "Dualitatem", disclose the meaning behind this track and why was it made as the "debut" track?

Dualitatem is the intro track on the new album and happens to be the first song we wrote after deciding on the name change. We have a lot of other songs finished and recorded but we decided to release this one first as it was the start of our new journey as Serene Dark.

4. Besides that track being the first glimpse of "new" material to come from this untitled upcoming album, whereabouts are you in the process of said release?

We currently have 75% of the album recorded and finished. We started the entire name change process around 8 months ago and in that time we have written and recorded a lot of new material. We just recently moved our studio to a new and better location and plan on kicking things into full gear in preparation for the album release.

5. Have you picked out a title of the album?

We do have an album title picked out and that will be released in the coming months.

6. What about the album's artwork, have an idea behind how it will look?

Right now we are in the process of talking to different artists. We have been in contact with a number of big name artists to work on the cover and are very excited to see how it turns out but that’s all I can say on the matter at the moment.

7. Will there be a concept to go along with it?

Yes, for this album we do have a concept. The concept of the album deals with the confrontation of the repressed shadow aspect of the personality. Lyrically playing out like Dante’s ‘Descent Into Hell’ from "The Divine Comedy" as the Main character is thrust deeper into his own psyche"

8. When can we expect the release of this new album?

We are aiming for a fall 2018 release. Our last 2 records have been released in fall; I guess that’s a grim month for us to release music haha.

9. What other plans of activity does the band have in-store?

At the moment we are entirely focused on this new record and transitioning to Serene Dark from Endemise. We have some ideas for touring and have a couple awesome home town shows coming up. Our main focus is the album and the new music.

10. Would you like to say anything more?

If you were a fan of Endemise, Serene Dark will not let you down. Keep an eye out, we will be releasing more new music really soon.

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