Our Frankenstein's Ryan Frankenstein Talks of New Music, Solo Works, and Future Ahead

Our Frankenstein is an industrial, metal, rock, electronic, act whose plans of releasing a full-length album, had some mishaps come forth, so an EP "Scorpion Eye" is coming instead. Frontman vocalist Ryan Frankenstein talks of the album, EP, and his own solo endeavors as well.

1. It's been 2 years since our last and first interview discussion, so what has the band been up since then, can you give a brief summary?

Well, where to begin...we have been through a few lineup changes in the past two years...as well as some many other changes. We started getting our feet wet as a touring band as well as finding ourselves a manager. Things are only continuously looking up for us.

2. During that same interview we discussed the activity of your debut album "The Sovereign Of Violence", where are you in the process of that release, will it be released or did things change in regards to it?

I'm very glad you asked this question. I've been wanting to give an explanation for SOV for a long time and I'm ready to finally clear the air. The Sovereign Of Violence is a concept album that the band and myself have been working on for some time now. As the recording and mixing process for this album progressed we realized that the album was going to take much longer to put out than we anticipated. It didn't feel right to have these fans who have been waiting for an album to be empty handed. So...the band and I began work on something very special.

3. A new song turned video of the track "The Hunchback Of Hollywood CA" was made available off "The Sovereign Of Violence", tell me about the song and video's concept appeal?

The song is about being in the position of weakness and desiring strength. Or desiring a quality you lack...in this case I am talking about fame or power. The song is also loosely based off of The Hunchback Of Notre Dame. The idea of being an outsider. I wanted the music video to convey the idea of a weaker man succumbing to his desires to ultimately achieve his dreams. Covering himself in the paint and filth he wants to be a part of.

4. After that release, frontman Ryan Frankenstein, decided to go solo with an EP titled "As Above", why solo and what is this EP all about would you say?

This was all just a artistic experiment for me. I wanted to try something new and fun. I have always had hiphop in my life one way or another. It's a part of my musical history and I finally decided to embrace it with my solo work. Combining gothy elements with it.

5. Then Our Frankenstein released yet another new song called "You Are A Witness", does this track come off "The Sovereign Of Violence" release?

Yes it does. This song is the start of the album. We thought we'd give you all just the tip.

6. Following that Ryan Frankentein went ahead with releasing more of his solo works with a new song and accompanying video titled "Do You Fear Death". Can you disclose the details?

The video for "Do You Fear Death" was fun because it was really random. We had a cell phone and a light...so  my PA and I decide to walk on over to the nearest public park and start filming. This whole "Ryan Frankenstein" era was all about being spontaneous and just having fun.

7. Now we are upon Our Frankenstein releasing a new EP called "Scorpion Eye", how is this release different or in comparsion or equal to the rest of the material released thus far?

I think Scorpion Eye will take people by surprise but at the same time I think it will appeal to the old school Our Frankenstein family member. I'd have to say it sounds like getting drunk at a dive bar and paying a complete stranger to beat you up in the parking lot. This EP has a lot of "kick" in a lot of different ways. Collectively as a band during this recording cycle we were listening to a lot of different music that you can hear seeping out of the individual song's pours. From Industrial to trap music...this EP covers some new grounds. Luckily we had a pretty cool producer and collaborator working with us so it really changed things up for us. Kanashi is great and he has done great things for us as a band.

8. What is the deal behind Our Frankenstein using the color "green" in most if not all of their content?

Green represents a lot for me so naturally I wanted to use it as a motif for the band. Some can be as quick to say the green represents greed or vanity. But that is not the case. It is the band's energy. Green is everything the band is. It is everything I am. It's the color of my soul, it's the color of my blood. It's very hard for me to explain.

9. How many more singles and or videos from Ryan and Our Frankenstein will come forth?

Our Frankenstein will be releasing a single very very soon. As for Ryan Frankenstein I figure I will release content as often or as randomly as I can. You can expect more some day soon.

10. Will we ever see the two acts playing a show and or touring together?

Probably not touring or playing shows together but you may be able to expect a few songs sneaking into a future Our Frankenstein set list.

11. What are the plans lined-up for 2018?

As of right now we are gearing up for our EP release on May 19th. On the same exact day we will be performing at Bar Sinister in Hollywood, CA once again! More shows in other states and cities will be announced soon. We are very excited to show you this new era.

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