Gold Steps has exclusively partnered with Heart Support to unleash a heartwarming and powerful documentary/music video for their new single, "As Luck Would Have It." The band's lead vocalist, Liz Mauritz is passionate about sharing her story with mental health in hopes that is can inspire and help those around her.

She expands, "As long as I can remember I've struggled with mental health. A lifetime of anxiety and years of self-hard, body image issues, and panic disorder have haunted me into adulthood. I always felt along in my pain, turning to music for solace, and often writing lyrics about my inner turmoil."

For more on why Gold Steps partnered with Heart Support, and their video of the single, then head over to Substream Magazine HERE. In addition, Liz curated a special blog about mental health exclusively for Heart Support, which can be read HERE. Check out the documentary based on the single turned video over HERE.

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