Jesse Rosenthal Releases New Track "Party Dress"

Jesse Rosenthal has released a new track called "Party Dress".

"I’ve wanted music to be at the center of my life ever since I can remember. After high school, I attended Berklee College of Music in Boston for two years before deciding it was absolutely not the place for me," Jesse explains.

"When I dropped out, I promised myself I’d continue my commitment to music regardless of my education. So I moved back home to Seattle where I’ve been working on my own music and playing in two local bands, The Berries and Advertisement (of Help Yourself Records). As far as my own music goes, some of my largest influences include Leonard Cohen, Kirin J Callinan, Pink Floyd, The National, Kate Bush, The Tindersticks, and Lucinda Williams."

On the track itself: ""Party Dress" is a song with an indie/ alt-country pop vibe. This tune is meant to be a bit cloying in its sound and subject matter in the name of opening up listeners emotionally. Through music I want to be able to invite people to process the more complicated and uncomfortable sides of themselves and experience the catharsis associated with that. Hopefully this song will hit somebody in that way."

Check it out HERE.

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