CO-OP's Dash Cooper Talks of the New Album and Touring

Hard rockers CO-OP fronted by vocalist Dash Cooper, son of the rock legend himself Alice Cooper, will be releasing their self-titled album this summer via EMP Label Group. The band will also be embarking on a tour alongside FLAW. But before any of that happens frontman vocalist Dash Cooper went ahead to talk with us again, about this new material, touring, and them just wanting to tour again and again!

1. During our first and last interview in 2016, you were asked if you would ever title any future releases, as a "self-title" besides the debut EP. You responded by saying "We don't really see too much of a need of self titling anymore". But yet here we are 2 years later, with your next debut, your full-length also being self-titled. Please explain yourself!

We felt it was a bolder statement and more of a coming out record and it should be self titled as a hello world, here we are... CO-OP!

2. Also in that same discussion, you mentioned about playing alongside your dad Alice Cooper, but have you both gone out on tour together, Alice Cooper and CO-OP, or not yet?

We have not yet toured together. We have played some one off shows here and there but have yet to do consecutive shows together.

3. Would you want that to take place, or are the once in a while occurences good enough for you guys?

I think either would be great. My dad has an amazing fan base and selfishly I’d like them to hear my music and see if they dig it. However, just getting the opportunity to open up for him once in a while is amazing and we cherish those shows.

4. How did the connection with EMP Label Group take place, and what do they bring to the table for CO-OP?

EMP has been awesome to CO-OP! They are a young label and we are a relatively new on the scene so it’s a good relationship as we are helping build each other up.

5. So this debut album, will be the second release for EMP Label Group, so the relationship between them is going well? Do you see yourselves sticking with them for the long haul?

I have no reason to think we wouldn’t be with them after our contract has passed. They’ve been nothing but awesome to us and they work very closely with us. We like them a lot!

6. What was the recording process like for the album?

It was really good! It was a long process but good things take time and we took ours to try and get everything the way we wanted it.

7. What is your favorite song off of the record and why?

I like the song "Condemned". It was written about a period of my life that I always want to be reminded never to return to.

8. You guys will be heading out on tour with FLAW. How do you think that touring cycle will go?

I think it will go well. From what I hear they are nothing but professionals and we can’t wait to meet them and jam with them.

9. What have you done to prepare yourselves for said tour?

Tons of rehearsals, eating right, exercising etc. It’s really important to be as polished, rehearsed and healthy when leaving to go on the road.

10. After that tour, what is next for CO-OP?

Our full-length album will be coming out on June 15th. Hopefully after it's release we will be on tour again.

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