Visigoth Reveals New Album Details, Releases New Single "Warrior Queen" and Tour Announcement

On February 9th 2018, Salt Lake City's traditional metal champions Visigoth will release their sophomore album, "Conqueror's Oath", via Metal Blade Records. For a first preview of "Conqueror's Oath", the new single "Warrior Queen", can be streamed now at: - where the record is also available for pre-order in the following formats:

Pre-order Details:

--180g black vinyl
--silver vinyl (limited to 400 copies - USA exclusive)
--clear with white/blue smokey swirl vinyl (limited to 300 copies - USA exclusive)
--opaque blue vinyl (limited to 300 copies - USA exclusive)
--cool grey marble vinyl (limited to 300 copies - EU exclusive)
--white/blue splattered vinyl (limited to 200 copies - EU exclusive)
--sky-blue marble vinyl (limited to 200 copies - EU exclusive)
--purple red marble vinyl (limited to 100 copies - EU exclusive)
* exclusive bundles with a shirt, plus digital options are also available!

Standing in staunch opposition to any presumptuous notion of "reinventing the wheel" or "redefining the genre", Visigoth instead dedicates themselves to worshiping at the ageless altars of heavy metal with a singular focus on writing music inspired by their favorite records. Whether whipped into a frenzy ignited by classic USPM or NWOBHM anthems, or pensively meditating on traditional epic heavy metal or weighty doom-inspired moments, these Salt City hessian's wear their influences proudly on their sleeves. With their new 2018 long-player "Conqueror's Oath", Visigoth stays true to the title and conquers the sophomore slump blues with 8 iron-forged anthems of pure metal magick guaranteed to satiate the hunger of the rock'n'roll hordes! Returning to the depths of the Boar's Nest in their hometown of Salt Lake City to record once again with engineer extraordinaire Andy Patterson (Subrosa, Deathblow, Dreadnought, et al), "Conqueror's Oath", was hammerforged in a whirlwind month of mayhem and mastered by Dave Otero of Flatline Audio (Satan's Host, Nightbringer, Khemmis, et al). Immortalized by breathtaking cover art created by none other than underground album art legend Kris Verwimp (whose work has graced records by Absu, Bewitched, Desaster, Horna, Moonsorrow, Skullview, Arkona, and many, many more) in proper swords-and-sorcery fashion, "Conqueror's Oath", stands tall on the field of battle, serving as a gauntleted fist in the face of non-believers.

Hell-bent for leather and heeding the call of the road, the Utah-based barbarians will be summoning their sonic storm throughout Europe in February and March following the record's release, including appearances at the Metal Assault and Hell Over Hammaburg festivals. Truly a band that thrives in a live setting, Visigoth are eager to prove their metal mettle and crush any stage put before them - be it the open air of a festival rig or the murky obscurity of a hidden dive bar, you can count on this American quintet to bring the thunder! Prepare for the onslaught of Salt City Steel!


1. Steel and Silver
2. Warrior Queen
3. Outlive Them All
4. Hammerforged
5. Traitor's Gate
6. Salt City
7. Blades in the Night
8. The Conqueror's Oath


Feb. 17 - Wurzburg, Germany - Metal Assault Festival
Feb. 18 - Oldenburg, Germany - MTS Records Store
Feb. 19 - Berlin, Germany - Cortina
Feb. 20 - Leipzig, Germany - Four Rooms
Feb. 21 - Wien, Austria - Escape Metal Corner
Feb. 22 - Innsbruck, Austria - Livestage
Feb. 23 - Dornbirn, Austria - Schlachthaus
Feb. 24 - Lunen, Germany - Swordbrothers Festival
Feb. 25 - Genk, Belgium - Flashback
Feb. 27 - Barcelona, Spain - Rocksound
Feb. 28 - Zaragoza, Spain - Sala Lopez
Mar. 1 - Madrid, Spain - Sala Live
Mar. 2 - Ljungby, Sweden - Turbofest
Mar. 3 - Niederjossa, Germany - Full Metal Fest
Mar. 6 - Goppingen, Germany - Zille
Mar. 7 - Leiden, Netherlands - De Noble
Mar. 8 - Marburg, Germany - Szenario
Mar. 9 - Weiher, Germany - Live Music Hall
Mar. 10 - Hamburg, Germany - Hell Over Hammaburg Festival


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