The Misfits Sold Out LA Show Reacts Year End Joy

Where has the time gone? Asked no one in particular except time itself, if time was a person, place, or thing. Well it sort of is a thing but in any case, time is here why because it has been 40 years, since they were founded back in 1977! Punk rock horror icons known only as the one, the only, The Misfits! Having done a previous engagement in the form of a reunion with original members, Glenn Danzig, Jerry Only, and Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, took place during 2016, at the Riot Fest out in Colorado and Chicago. That was then, but since then the band would not perform together until right now. As in the present time, where in which the line-up would perform not just once more together, but twice together in the form of two different reunion showcases, the first being held December 28th 2017 out in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Whereas the follow-up show would be held in Los Angeles, on December 30th 2017, at The Forum in the city of Inglewood, California.

Now the Los Angeles show was suppose to be the only show of said reunion festivities to take place, but due to high demand by the fans of the then and now, another show was put on the spot, hence the Las Vegas date beforehand. But since that show was in distance of reach, Los Angeles would be the best option, and only which of the two that managed to sell out, being as they call it a sold out show! Thus, on the eve, even that was New Year's weekend, day prior to New Year's Eve, The Misfits' fiends would gather in folks of blackness, people of all ages, kids, teens, adults, young and old, draped in all black, or the occasional black on blue jean style, if not some other formula of formal wear, have it be as it fit your best. Whatever the choice though, most if not all were showcased with The Misfits skull icon, with the lettering of The Misfits across the top, middle, or bottom of the garment. All were in merriment of what was about to take place tonight.

Cars and people parked, walking to the outside of the venue, as people stood in line, picking up their tickets at the will call booth, to others awaiting to get into the outdoor merchandise booth, other people hurrying into the actual venue, being checked in, having their hand held devices, mobile phones, you know cell phones, smart phones, smart watches, being handed over to the Yondr company's cases.  Each case being a face plate of need, as everyone's phones was put into the case, then locked up, only being able to be unlocked via an unlocked station, set up around the outside of the venue only by the looks of it. As this was done, people were hurryingly along, gathering at the indoor merchandise booth, others buying drinks, food, whatever caught their carvings at the precise moment of time. Everyone else there either entering or exiting the nearby restrooms, if not the arena itself as that was where all of the activity was happening.

After grabbing some snacks, heading inside, to a darkened arena, as one of the two openers, Discharge opening the show, while Alkaline Trio was the next to open before the headliners of the evening, The Misfits would erupt the stage! Alkaline Trio did a fair job of their set, entertaining the crowd, as people stood in amusement, being pleased with what was going on with said performers at hand. The same can be said about Discharge's performance, being just as entertaining, giving you an ideal of their presents as it were. Once Alkaline Trio wrapped up their performance, a 20 minute interlope of wait time was a buzz. As fans stood in tow, talking amongst themselves, as the clock stuck time and time again until the 9 o'clock hour hit, then the lights darkened once more to revival The Misfits logo, with the band each appearing on the stage. Jerry Only (bass) walking on first, with  Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein (guitars), going on next, Dave Lombardo (drums) filling in, as well as Acey Slade (vocals/guitars) with Glenn Danzig himself as (vocals) of 1977 through 1983, before reuniting back in 2016 and here in 2017 ending out this year!

Once their presents was known, all but cheers, shouts, and pure joy filled the arena this night. Literally the floor section of the venue opened itself up, all the fans sporting their attire of The Misfits, ran into one another, if not in a circular fashion to each and every one of the old songs known by these guys. Some of which included "Die, Die My Darling", "Halloween", "20 Eyes", "Astro Zombies", "Skulls", "Horror Business", "Last Caress", "Earth A.D.", and "Night of the Living Dead", to name off a few. The setlist being quite impressive, if not as well as massive, consisting in at around 27 songs in total, a lot of which being short but brief, but good nonetheless. In terms of the quality of the 50 to 60 year old performers on stage, The Misfits did a decent job for their stature. Glenn Danzig sounded fierce and productive in his performances, of these classic tracks, but when discussing with the crowd in watching, his voice left a raspy tone, it being quite hard to hear exactly what he was saying at times throughout the night. Besides that though, Glenn did interact with the crowd of on lookers, shaking hands as he sang, while other times talking with the crowd, going on to express "Don't be afraid, sing along, it is why we are here tonight". These words of thought, being the brim of excitement that flooded over all that were there. It was just a time of pureness, the performers that are The Misfits "original" line-up being quite entertaining, sounding absolutely great in all their musical career glory. Fans around and alike surely being not disappointed if at all, being very much alive and vivid with punctual aspects.

Whilst that was a dismay at times during their stage presence, it did not stop the fans from up in the seating sections, to down below on the floor, as all were in "aw" of witnessing such an iconic event. It's like the band said in a previous statement across Rolling Stone Magazine, Jerry Only going on to say "The Misfits were so far ahead of their time when we began back in 1977, that it took the world 40 years to catch up. That time has come, and that time is NOW... We intend to take you on a ride back in time, and into the future to experience 100% authentic punk rock at its essence, and the origin of thrash in its purist form. History will be made—again. Prepare to be devastated..." While Glenn Danzig had other matters to say such as "OK Los Angeles, you've waited almost 35 years for this, here's your chance to see the 'Original Misfits' in this exclusive L.A. only performance," adding further that "No tour, no BS, just one night of dark metal-punk hardcore brutality that will go down in the history books. See you there."

No other way around it better, than those statements right there. Which is indefinitely true to say the least of it anyway. The Misfits arena showcase at The Forum out in Inglewood in the city of angels that is Los Angeles, was truly a sight to see, as well as hear. It was merely one of those nights, where you just had to be there.


1. Death Comes Ripping
2. 20 Eyes
3. I Turned Into A Martian
4. Where Eagles Dare
5. Some Kinda Hate
6. Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?
7. Vampira
8. All Hell Breaks Loose
9. Hybrid Moments
10. Teenagers From Mars
11. London Dungeon
12. Earth A.D.
13. Green Hell
14. Horror Business
15. Hollywood Babylon
16. Who Killed Marilyn
17. Halloween
18. Violent World
19. Die, Die My Darling
20. Astro Zombies
21. Skulls
22. Last Caress


23. Night of the Living Dead
24. She
25. Bullet
26. Attitude
27. We Are 138

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