Heavy metal entertainer Necrosexual has revealed a black metal cover version of the Rolling Stones classic song "Paint It Black". The song is streaming at both the Moshville Times and Legacy Magazine and is taken from the forthcoming album "Grim 1" which will be released on Februrary 23rd 2018.

The Necrosexual commented about the track "The Rolling Stones classic "Paint It Black" gets a totally BRUTAL heavy metal makeover from the Necrosexual. This blistering rendition of "Paint it Black" showcases the lightning fast blast beats of Mike Churry on drums and brain melting lead guitar of Anthony Gabriele, plus evil gang vokills from the maniacs in Basilysk and Heavy Temple. Posers will tremble at the dead sexy rock n roll power."

Stream the song via Moshville Times here: http://www.moshville.co.uk/feature/2018/01/uk-stream-premiere-the-necrosexual-paint-it-black/.

You can also stream the track via Legacy Magazine here: http://legacy.de/exklusives/1252-exklusiv-necrosexual-streamen-song-paint-it-black.html.

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