Candy Ambulance Drop Raw and Hooky Grunge-Punk Single "Spray"

Leaping unabashedly into the limelight, grunge-rock band Candy Ambulance's new single "Spray", bursts forth with a surge of raw, unpredictable and slightly chaotic power. Fast-paced and energetic, it's two-minute run will take you on a wild ride and leave you lusting for more.

Idobi Radio, who premiered the track earlier this week, said "Bringing back the raw, unpredictable energy of grunge, the band is making noises you don’t want to sleep on." Inspired by DIY punk and 90's grunge, Candy Ambulance has perfected the balance of punchy bass, driving beats and deep-sinking pop hooks, wrapped in the trio's own special sauce of wild, unbridled chaos and fun.

Vocalist and front-woman Caitlin Barker describes the single as a reflection of mania. "[It's] the 'I cannot stop until the cleaning is done, please don’t somehow intentionally suck the water out of the rag you mopped the floor with' mania that creeps in sometimes, late at night. The kind that later ignores a ringing alarm because you stayed up all night worrying about this stuff. The kind that is so tired." The band recorded the single in their in-home studio, as their bassist, Jesse, works as a sound engineer. "It was liberating to jump around or scream to pull up some energy. Caitlin did vocal takes lying on the floor and kicking her legs. We think it translated that we were pumped."

Check it right over HERE.

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