Voids - No Character : No Crown

Voids a metalcore quartet whose debut album "No Character : No Crown", has seen not one but two singles released from it, the first being "Eris", which received not only a single release but an accompanying video as well. While the next single was titled "Invidia" and only saw a streaming single release no video joining in with it. But the band did go into saying about the "Invidia" single that "We're happy to present the second single off of our debut full length 'No Character : No Crown', titled 'Invidia'. We all struggle throughout our lives, some are able to brush it off and keep moving while others are left in the dark waiting for a turn of events to take place," says vocalist, Chad Yockel. "I've never been one to get over things easily and I've always been envious of the ones who get over everything thrown at them like a flip of a switch. This song goes out to everyone struggling, whether you take longer than others or not, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel."

That said, the two singles off "No Character : No Crown", is rather promising of this release. For as it would have it, Voids was formed in 2012, known under another name From Far Away. They would share stages with various acts of course, releasing their debut EP "Recover I Repeat". Everything was going right for them, releasing the EP, a handful of singles, building a fan base, signing onto a record label At Your Command Records, but it would change when they had decided to part ways with their name, due to changes within the band. So a fresh new outlook would see more fitting as they would be now known as Voids with this new debut full-length album they titled "No Character : No Crown". In which they would re-form in 2015, under Voids with one message that said "Our message as a band revolves around the addictions that affect the lives of many in a negative way. We want people to turn towards our music as a healthy way to cope with the problems they are having with their lives; rather than ones that can destroy someone's personal life and the ones around them..."

It would take all of this and more to have Voids be where they are today with these two new singles off this new release for them. Hence forth, this album would take a handful of tracks offered, aside from the two singles, and create a foundation for them, such as "Dolores", "Idols", "Parallel", and "Unmasked", would be solid hits for the band and it's album. These tracks and the singles of course, being quite well rounded pieces of work. The heaviness of the melodic guitar riffs, vocal chords, and driving drum beats, would take this album all over the place. It would bring that old school metalcore genre into the new school metalcore genre aspect, with songs like these one's that would grab you whole. That intensity and feeling of angst really taking you into the spectrum of the music as a whole circle. That is what Voids do with this album and these tracks on it. It takes you all in really, with an out of this feeling like vibe of experience that makes the band and this album "No Character : No Crown" work out right.

That is really what this album does for itself, Voids is one well crafted and well rounded act. They may have had some changes and difficulties within themselves, but they have bypassed that and moved on, creating something new and unique. This album is it, it is worth a listen and brings out that metalcore genre like never before.

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