Vista Kicks - Booty Shakers Ball

California bootie shakin rock n' rollers Vista Kicks have got quite the debut for themselves. This album titled "Booty Shakers Ball", comes with not the usual 8-10 tracklisting or even the 12-13 maximum usually. Nope this act went on to write and record for a 15 track album release, with so much material at their disposal, what other way to get it out, than to go out on tour! Hence, what they plan to do, promoting themselves and this album, taking the party bootie shakin head on.

When looking at the long list that is the tracklisting for this album, it took me back for a couple of seconds, because there were so many songs, it was hard to tell just how many, because it appeared to be more than the usual for most releases of albums by artists and bands. So after finding out about the count, it had to come down to the actual material, "Gotta Get Away", sets the scene, as the opening number and first single off this album, it pulls you in, immediately with it's refreshing yet unique pace of pure rock music. The energy at bay, really blaring the momentum in all ways, keeping you entertained while rather excited too.

Next comes "Gimme Love", a number of sorts, that continues that high paced energy angst, that was built up in the track prior. Except when this track does play out, it brings the music down just slightly, but still maintains an upbeat tone, with even catchier pace that keeps it all ever flowing. You can find yourself easily tapping your feet to the source material, if not bobbing your head to the beats. Whilst "Fight the War", "Give Myself to You", "Moving Forward", "Don't Worry", and "Put on a Face", sum up the rest of this release nicely. Keeping the same path as the previous tracks, but more easy going. The music is laid out, more on a level of being straight forward, yet catchy. The beats at hand, being very in short, danceable. Literally, these set of tracks and even the whole album, is one that can be played over, having you and your special someone dancing to the tunes, the entire evening. If not having the band performing live front and center, the same can be put into effect either way.

Nevertheless though, Vista Kicks' debut album "Booty Shakers Ball", is an interesting release, with a solid ground, that can be built upon. Showcasing a level of growth, that can be matured, sharpened, and expanded upon, on future releases indefinitely.

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