The Band Of Hawk - #BOHUP

A compilation only happens in various scenarios, ranging from soundtracks to film or television or even mixtapes taking various artists and bands putting them together, into one piece of work. That is precisely what was done, in this first installment of many more to come, from The Band Of Hawk , a company known as DEF on the battlefield. Also known by the BOHUP Crew or Band Of The Hawk Underground Pyramid Crew. Here is how they brought everyone together to give you the listener, a lyrical raw mixtape with some bonus joints from the youngsters of the up-and-coming market. This being of course the first release of installments of many to come.

Hence, this is that mixtape titled " #BOHUP", a various artists set up with 13-tracks to spare, a combination of a southern hip hop crew with east coast lyrical influence with some west coast swag to boot. Hip hop is still present and this is the up and comers of the genre for this installment.
Kicking things off is Grynd Seazon's "Meditation" featuring a spot from Full Metal F Dot, as the track plays out as being romantic, detailing how the person wants to make love to their partner, the tone of beat for the track, being soothing, hip hop crosses paths with jazz sort of, is the tone it has going for it. Whereas Juskwan and P.EY3's "Animals", track is nothing like the opening number prior, it is more out there, being hip hop taken out to the jungle rain forest aspect, literally with animal noises provided, it just has this out of this wild feel for it. The beats just being out there that it is hard to even place it, it is just a track that is just outrageous and crazy.

"Check", by Whoa Vada, Breeze and STX is a lot like the opening number, as it has the same sort of vibe, taking hip hop upon itself to being hip hop meets rap, keeping an interesting beat of rhythm that keeps the music in check. As the title would go best as describing the track in question, it is just one of those types of tracks that is upbeat. "My Ni@@a", featuring Noah Archangel by Yeaux Majesty is another one of those tracks that just stands out, it has a source of beat going for it, that makes it belong within the setting of a club. A overpowering source of tone, that keeps the track interesting, yet entertaining as well.

Those tracks being the first few for this various artists installment of sorts, for the middle portion of the album offers a more variety approach in style and it's array of artists at hand. Like take "Mocean" by Breeze is simply so much fun, its hip hop tone of beat, being so out there, it is just making you wanting to dance along to it. Where "No Disrespect", by P.EY3 is more in the bobbing of the head manner, keeping the beat of the music in full swing, that it just becomes more of a swaying mannerism. "Burberry Trench" features a spot from Grynd Seazon by The Band of the Hawk, is more or so, the track that belongs in a slow dancing field, as the beats provided are laid back, yet still pacing, but very mellow driven. Next is a track named after an actor that fought quite a bit during his time period, named Bruce Lee, the track taking his namesake titling itself as "Bruce Lee", featuring Noah Archangel by Kool King. Now how this number plays itself out, is of a rotating fashion, as it has a repeating melody of beats, that makes the track listenable but more of an annoyance at the slightest. Still the artist in question doing his work, as he keeps it altogether, that it becomes suiting.

As for the remainder of this various artist installment of a series, is the last of the album offered, with such tracks as "Take Your Fro", by STX and Breeze, a duo of creativity that brings out a laid back momentum with strings by the looks of it, it being hip hop with pure class of the classical appeal.
"Ruckus Hawk Minor" by Elespee is one that is a lot like the previous number, except it has this beat that just never leaves you, it maintains itself to being hip hop to the core factor. It is entertaining in all forms but more on the level as a whole. "Pyramids" featuring Grynd Seazon by The Band of the Hawk and Juskwan falls between the lines of sounding a lot like the other works, keeping that same formula but still has a beat that is cycling, to sound nice yet right.

"Wake Up", is one of the bonus' for this compilation as it features Jeremiah and is by DJ Thruvo, a track that takes up a variety of harmonies and melodies, as it would have it, going for it, being a track that is another out there number. It has the feeling with beats to fill itself with, that makes the music full of itself. As "Redbone", by Soulfire being another added bonus track of material by a female artist, as the other tracks offered were done by a lot of male artists' hearing a female on the release, made it worth wild, through and through. Her abilities as an artist, being well rounded and really focused, that it made the track really crossed between smooth jazz meets with hip hop rap feeling. That is at least how she plays off, being perhaps a little bit like Sade.

That is all what is offered in terms of this first installment of a compilation of releases that The Band Of Hawk's "#BOHUP", has going for it. A summarily of variety throughout, but by a whole batch of artists' that have got something to show and go for themselves. Each artist showcasing what they can do for you, in terms of music.

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