St. James - Resurgence

Melodic hard rockers St. James have got an album to their name it is titled "Resurgence", with its assortment of 17-tracks to spare, there are none that won't disappoint. Literally each of the tracks off this album, has loads to offer and are a lot of fun. For instance "Worth Fighting For", "This Distance", "Let It Rain", "Rattled Bad", "Toughest I Can Take", and "In Your Heart", are probably the most intense material off this album. Like how the instruments and vocals work at it, makes the music flow so smoothly, it just sounds so right yet nice. The energy is fierce yet embraces, that it makes you want to raise your fists, pumping them high in the air, to the beat of the music. That is how each of these tracks plays out really. Just lots of fun, with loads of energy, they just have a lot going for them, the band being just as entertaining as the music. In short, "Resurgence", is an album of sorts, that really delivers to the listener, with a melodic hard rock act to back it all up, them being titled St. James. The act that really rocks, to the fullest and is the finest that music has to offer.

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