Niviane - The Druid King

"A new breed of American power metal", has been the best way to describe "The Druid King", the latest offering from Niviane. An album release with a band so power hungry, that the energy seeping forth, is just the glimpse into what is expected from this unbelievable release. That said, "Adrestia", "Watch The Banners Fall", "Into Twilight", "War of Immortals", and "Heaven Overflow", are the one set of tracks, that make the unexpected, expected to happen, as the material within them, is so energy based, you get hit with heaviness, as the dueling guitar work is truly stunning, Whilst the driving rhythm sections based throughout these tracks and the album as a whole, really take this album in the right direction, as the rhythm sections are driven into a fierce tone for the band and their music placed here. It is power metal to a whole another level of new. As has been said about their style this act and their material shown here is really "a need breed of American power metal". With that, the album that is "The Druid King", is full of energy driven works, that lets the vocal chords do the work at hand, bringing it altogether, to be a fun filled yet energy based source of entertainment, for all to behold and enjoy.

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