My Little Pony The Movie Review

My Little Pony The Movie debut originally back in the 80's 1986 to be precise, it would then be from that point and time, that My Little Pony would be a thing to dominate for more years to come. 35 years later the series that started off as a toy turned TV series, made movie, continues spanning across four generations, including its current being the forth titled "My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic".

Which had its release back in 2010, by creator Lauren Faust, who brought the pony franchise to life again, as at the time pony had taken some time off in the early 2000's to mid 00's coming in 2010 with its launch that would take every pony by storm, or the Storm King per say? Haha as he is a character in the new My Little Pony The Movie, using the same title as the original 1986 version, no harm done there really. But this new film centers and focus upon the current fourth generation series, bringing its 7 year status to the BIG screen! The current series currently in its seventh year with seven seasons of the TV series to its namesake, a film needed to be done, according to the film's teamsters behind the scenes.

That said, Meghan McCarthy who is the head writer since Lauren Faust left the series sometime ago, did mention of a possibility of a feature film based on the current series, but it was not in her control of whether or not one would be made. This was all discussions in 2012, but a few years later come in 2014 the announcement of a film was to happen had been made. Joe Ballarini as attached screenwriter with McCarthy as co-executive producer of the film. The director of the film was Jayson Thiessen and McCarthy as they would take the film's directing and screenwriting aspects respectively, with Michael Vogal signed on to co-executive producer alongside them, with the Hasbro team behind all of My Little Pony and other branding, as executive producers of Brian Goldner and Stephen Davis. Later on more teamsters would be added Rita Hsiao and Vogel being co-writers alongside McCarthy.

Moving along the film was since being well put together by the teamsters behind the TV series and new film, as it would take away from the aspect that is Adobe Flash animation turning to Toon Boom Harmony animation, using 2D traditional animation, with producing done by Allspark Pictures and DHX Media as well. Besides the main regular voice actors joining in on the film,  of Tara Strong (Princess Twilight Sparkle), Ashleigh Ball (Rainbow Dash/Applejack, Andrea Libman (Pinkie Pie/Fluttershy), Tabitha St. Germain (Rarity), and Cathy Weseluck (Spike), the film also features guest performances by Emily Blunt (Tempest Shadow), Kristin Chenoweth (Princess Skystar), Liev Schreiber (Storm King), Michael Peña (Grubber), Sia (Songbird Serenade), Taye Diggs (Capper), Uzo Aduba (Queen Novo)), and Zoe Saldana (Captain Calaeno).

With that out of the way, the movie itself is rated PG with a run time of about 1 hour and 40 minutes, the animation done in 2D by the Toon Boom Harmony company is truly breathless yet alone flawless. It is beautiful, there are far too many words to describe it. Many online fans and non-fans have compared the animation to Disney Animation structure but not extremely like Disney but a lot like them to a point. It is really amazing seeing it up on that BIG sized screen. In terms of the quality and producing goes, it is again just out there for all to see. The characters both old and new move so smoothly, everything just vivid and stunning that it works so well, it is hard not to like it because you just fall in love with it all.

Besides the animation the storyline is simply original. It takes the beloved characters and places you have known for the past seven seasons and counting, season eight on the way! It brings them to the bigger screen concept, having them look stunning with a great story to go with the concept that is so well made within the TV series. The story is about Princess Twilight Sparkle, putting on this Friendship Festival, as she is the Princess of Friendship, she is getting every pony together to come celebrate the magic of friendship. But during the celebration and preparations uninvited visitors come to town, in the form of new characters Grubber and commander Tempest Shadow, as Grubber is the cohort to Tempest Shadow, as both of them work under the Storm King's whim. The two come in telling the ponies of Equestria that they need their magic for some purpose. After causing a havok the mane 6, Princess Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Applejack, get attacked, trying to save their world. After escaping they travel to far out lands, away from the Equestria they have known for so long. So it is scary for them as they do not know what is going to happen or how they will save their home.

On their travels they come across all new creatures and characters not typically shown on the TV series, but have been seen before in previous generations, for instance Capper is a cat creature that stands on two paws, able to walk, talk, and sing too! This is not the first time we have seen a cat creature in My Little Pony, as one previously was in an old My Little Pony special episode from the 80's era of the series, that cat creature being called Catrina, from the TV special "Escape From Catrina", as she was an anthromorophic cat-woman. But this variation of the cat creatures have changed from the 80's to the here and now, as Capper is more charming, sneaky, and so catlike. He is one cool cat who is a part of his own city, that he is known by those who live there, he tries to assist in helping the mane 6 but not so much comes to plan in the long run of it all. So the mane 6 must continue onward with their travels, as they leave the city, sneaking abroad a pirate ship!

Except this is not the first time that pirates have been in the current series as they were included on the comic book series by IDW, in the "My little Pony Friendship Ahoy" issues #13 and #14. In that comic series the fifth arc of the IDW comic series, Princess Twilight Sparkle, and her friends become the crew of a notorious pirate captain named Hoofbeard, going on an adventure of a read for those who would want to par take in one that is. But see pirates were shown in the series before, but in comic book fashion, and were brought back again in the film, but in a new way with an all new crew!

This time being lead by Captain Calaeno, a parrot pirate with her crew mates also parrot bird type creatures, as the mane 6 join in, on their travels to save their home. As they journey on, with the pirates, Tempest is not far behind, crashing in on the crew, but the mane 6 escape, going on to find more new creatures to discover and perhaps befriend as well? Hence Princess Skystar is here as she takes the ponies to her world, under the sea! Introducing the ponies to her mother the Queen, Queen Novo. As she rules over the underwater world and above world, as these sea ponies, also previously introduced in the 80's era of the series.  Queen Novo changes our mane 6 into sea ponies, so you get a glimpse into a previous part of the original series, being shown in this new current series. The classic "Shoo-Bee-Doo!" song not being present in the film or current series but perhaps a nod will commence? Only time will tell, but that song was around for the 80's time frame, as those sea ponies would sing it, whenever present.

In any case though the mane 6 sea pony selves travel the waters, then make their way back above to land, as they continue on to find a way to save Equestria their home. Making it back to land some tension is made, with Tempest capturing Princess Twilight Sparkle, will the mane 6 save her? What about their new comrades and friends? Well all do come together to work together, as they plan out what to be had, as they return home, battling off the evilness of the Storm King, bringing it altogether to make friendship and magic shine brightly! But how it all plays out, you will have to see for yourselves, but this is just an idea of what can be seen from it. The full bigger picture is much more grand....

All of this just being the appeal to this film, the grabber is the music! As 5 songs from the official soundtrack, are used in the film, with the added addition of "Rainbow", the original song written and sung just for this film by artist SIA. As she is a new character who plays herself in the film, sings too. But the 5 songs throughout the picture are original to staying true to the TV series style and format. They use the original cast of characters and new one's too. It is truly a well rounded piece of work, with great melodies, harmonies, and just full on fun and excitement, that you will find yourself humming if not singing along to clapping along too. It just gives of all of those vibes from seeing and hearing it all. The songs being done by Daniel Ingram and a full live orchestra to those wondering, really make the music much more broader and really something else, than what is in the TV series. The creators wanted to take the music making it go big, well they went with it and it sticks.

Overall though, the My Little Pony The Movie based off the fourth generation of the My Little Pony series, is really one to see on the BIG screen to get the full on experience. The animation, music, acting, producing, it all brings what has been done on the small screen's to the big screen in a much wider way to a bigger audience. There's lots of fun, excitement,  jokes, puns, just as the TV series does, the movie does but better! It is really one wild adventure of a film with all of your favorites except bigger! If you are a fan of the TV series then you will not be disappointed in this film adaption of it. It is everything you could want if not more than that. My Little Pony has been around for so long as it is, it will remain here for who knows how long, keep your hoofs up and brohoof to those around, as you trot your way to a theater, to see the mane 6 pony it up on a higher scaling than they have ever done before......

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