My Little Pony Brings Back the 80's Ponies with ColourPop Make-Up!

My Little Pony as a whole has been around for 35 years now. Since its debut as a toy back in the 80's it has since made its mark, becoming a wholesome franchise of its own accordance. That said, My Little Pony the television series has seen four generations since the first was shown back in the 80's era. Then onward moving onto the other generations in the 90's to 00's time frame with the fourth generation currently in its seventh season with over 100 episodes, been launched in 2010 by creator Lauren Faust. Since then lots of promotion, popularity, conventions, cosplaying, all sorts of things for all ages, shapes, and sizes, can be had with what is called "My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic".

The one series out of a series of generations to grab the attention of all, including numerous companies revolving around make up? Yes you heard correctly, a few make-up outlets such as PUR The Complexion Authority and ColourPop have collaborated with Hasbro and the My Little Pony branding for promotions of the all new film titled "My Little Pony The Movie". Using as it were the same tilting as the first film that debuted back in 1986, based off the first generation, the original ponies of the era.

Having gotten that out of the way, this brings us back to that era in which all were introduced to the first generation of My Little Pony with the first television special "Rescue from Midnight Castle", later having a television series go on to having 65 episodes under 2 seasons. So this would of course launch numerous products from toys especially, leading to later with Colour Pop releasing a makeup line tying into the first generation and fourth generation film promotion. Again the fourth generation using the same title as the first generation had originally created back in the 80's that is "My Little Pony The Movie".

In any case, ColourPop made in the city of angels that is Los Angeles, California is health and beauty cosmetics for kids, tweens, and adults! Or as ColourPop puts it "beauty for cool kids". Having their array of products within this collab be between the price range of $5 to $22. But if you prefer to bundle your items, there are a few collection kits as you would have it, that include a bit of everything within this set, with the bonus of some extra items like sticker sheet and tote bag! Those going for $110 to $135. But that's not all, if you enter your email address you can take $5 off your first order because friendship is magic.

In terms of the quality of the makeup products offered by ColourPop, are their lip stick if not a lipstick but an ultra glossy lip, or lip gloss! It comes in a high shiny gloss with full on coverage of a metallic pearl finishing, that is moisturizing and non-sticky, but very comfortable to your lips formula! Plus it comes in six different shade types, golden, metallic fuschia, lilac, blackened plum, lavender, and fuschia. Whilst the eye shadow comes in a trio of three, the first called posey that comes in a soft pink beige with silver tone, added with gold and pink glitter. Next is sunbeam a pastel lavender with violent, hot punk and ice blue glitter. Lastly is the cherries jubilee an opalescent punk with hot pink glitter that looks white.

Next up is the brush set, coming with 5 brushes, mini sized and a brush that is perfect for traveling. The set includes the following brushes, angled face brush, fan brush, shader brush, tapered blending bush, an angled eye brush, and the translucent brush holder! What's not to go better with the makeup offered thus far? Well why not add in a makeup bag of course. Indeed so true, is the My Little Pony makeup bag, the perfect large sized bag that will literally fit the entire collection in this bag alone. So you can always bring your makeup ponies on the go, go, go! But there is also another bag but it is only included in the collection kit sets, but is a tote bag that is slightly larger than this makeup bag is, but that can fit in even more goodies.

 Yet there is still more to this makeup set, that includes a little palette of colors that will brighten your day and look as you feel the magic upon you. The shinning glittery mattes really brighten that pop of colour will surprise those iridescent of yours to the finest condition. The colours available I this paletter is butterscotch a white tone with a subtle pink violent opalescent sheen, next is blossom an metallic peach with pink and gold duochrome finish, the starshine metallic golden tangerine, bluebell satin golden ivory, applejack matte dusty red violent, the list just keeps on going. With skydance metallic bright icy lavender, minty matte cool toned fuchsia, flutterbye matte true pastel peach tone, twilight satin deep blackened violent, firefly metallic silvery baby blue, some others that are snuzzle metallic icy white with opalescent blue duochrome, with princess sparkle being last with its metallic rich smokey turquoise tone. These all colorful assortment of colors really pop out your appearance truly they do.

There is still a bit more here, that is the powder of sorts, pressed powder highlighter, that glows against your silky soft skin, yet it blends so highly that the powder shines through, highlighting it so. One of the powders called trickles with a purple lavender tone with pink opal duochrome flip. As the next one is starflower, an orange pink tone of color that does the same as the lavender tone, really highlighting your skin tone with a shiny powder that is super soft with that silky glow.

That is about it, as far as ColourPop's make up collab with My Little Pony goes. It may be short handed but it is still a rather nifty little set or collection to use or keepsake. It is sure to my liking, as this makeup really brings out my beauty with such sparkle and glittery tones, it makes the magic of friendship shine brighter than ever for me. My Little Pony both old and new alike, is about the magic and friendship, and what ColourPop among other companies is doing, is just making it be more available to the likes of others, to both genders of the spectrum.

As the saying is and will always be for My Little Pony, is that friendship is magic. That is how it should always be, and will always be for many more years to follow. For if it were not for the first generation of My Little Pony, there would be no fourth generation or movie to accompany it, it is My Little Pony from the start, that was brought on into the present, that keeps the ponies galloping onward into the sun and moon of the night and day.

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