Man Called Noon - Everybody Move

"If you like it, give it a thumbs up. If not, give it a thumbs down. Whatever. Just listen. We are poor musicians who just like it, if you like it. Peace." That is precisely what Man Called Noon depicted for their newest single titled "Everybody Move", taken from the new EP of the same name. Since its release upon social media both EP and the title track accompanying it, it is gotten only 6 likes with 37 views, so guess that would mean that Man Called Noon is A-okay by it!

Whatever the case may be for these guys, this five some of sweaty dudes, playing in the hot hot heat of the summer this past summer were hard at work upon this EP release and its song turned title track single. How does the single hold up really. Well if the 37 views and 6 likes means anything to you, that must mean it is a track that is decent but not to the finest content of decent. It is rather shall we say just fine. Really though, their take on the genre combo that is rock, pop, soul, and Americana is quite something, they have created a glitch of you hearing their style and sound before. That is how their music works for them, they create it to be like something before sort of but it is still themselves. If any of that makes much sense then so be it, if not then guess it does not. In any case "Everybody Move", is upbeat and catchy, has a dancing tone going for it, that will have you tapping your feet to bobbing your head to the groovy beats.

If that is not the case, then perhaps you can just enjoy the tunes playing outward from these fine five guys of musician craftsmanship. As it is them, working hard as they had done, over the summer to get this track and EP out there, for as they would put it "Everybody Move". Which it does do, because again it does have an appeal of catching beats with groovy tones, that keeps the track interesting enough. Or to keep the listener interested enough to be the best case scenario.

That is what most artists or bands tend to do in this point and time with their music and even videos right? Have to keep those listening or seeing interested, to keep them coming back for more, or just to take in what you got available every now and again. Whatever  works out for the listener will surely do so well for the artist or band at hand, this one being of course Man Called Noon.

Now why they called that is really something totally different. Not sure why or even if their name has a meaning behind it, but perhaps it deals with noon in terms of the time of lunch? Like a man wanting lunch at noon or he is one man always busy at noon. Who knows for sure, but it is sure something to think about, just like "Everybody Move", a track that is decent, and a fun factor to keep you entertained to the fullest capacity.

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