Joe Olnick - Downtown

Joe Olnick a guitarist that is said to be one of the most unique and creative artists around. Where have those two words of unique and creative came from before? Oh that's right from every artist and band ever made! Okay, okay, a bit harsh at the start there, but those words do go hand in hand with Joe Olnick rather nicely. His works and performances are all instrumentally based with an enlightened emphasis on the massive grooves and ambient atmospheres of his own creation he calls music.

"Downtown", is the title used for his newest and current single turned video, as well as the title choice for his new album. So a title track for ya right here, right now with this particular track. Case and point, Joe Olnick's work in this newest creation of his is shall we put it, indie rock to its core.
But indie rock is not the only genre that good old Joe takes at the helm of his music creativity, he takes rock, instrumental rock, jazz and funk, with that ambient style he is so known for developing and creating for his own music, style, and sound. It is without saying that without that ambient style of his, that his style of sound probably would not be as good as it is said to be really.

As for this new track titled "Downtown", it is perfectly fine. That is the best way to describe it. It sounds fine, it is again all instrumental, so if you were expecting vocals, even to the slightest there are none to be found upon this track, or Joe's work in general for that matter. That is not saying it is a bad thing to do away with vocal chords, because lots of artists and bands have done what Joe has done in terms of instrumental work.

"Downtown", just plays off as being a rather funky type of track. One that had to be used in the previous time frame of the 60's to 70's era. Now that is where this track really belongs best, if not the most to say the least. Really it is, because that is how this track works and the way it sounds, that it just brings to mind that era of time period. Likely to be used if not in a film of that time, then maybe a TV show.  Not much else to say because that is enough being said right there.

Really though, this track and Joe Olnick's music in general overall is pure instrumental, keeping in the music at all costs possible. No other way around it, but to say that his music is just well rounded and better off at being instrumentally based work. He works best in this fashion and how "Downtown", plays off as a single and video choice, which is by the way really interesting. Just really works in his favor. The way the video showcases a day on the street with traffic and city life, going to the beat of his music, just goes together like peanut butter and jelly does. They play off one another really well and taste even better.

All in all Joe Olnick's work is played out nicely and sounds not so bad. It is just to another source of music goers, that may take this style a little differently, than most, but different is good, it makes you think more than you should, and that is just fine by all.

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