Love N War - Up The Annie

"Up The Annie", is a saying of expression for a few meanings, but when it is used to title an album, then that is a whole another meaning altogether. Which is why Love N War decided to take matters into their own accordance, using that wording as their titling of their latest efforts of an album. The band being formed in early 2000 when guitarist/songwriter John Adams and vocalist Jeff Vandenberghe met to do a reunion gig of another band of theirs. The duo would then go on to write music, performing and touring dating back to the 80's era, deciding that they would join up for this all new project that is Love N War. John Adam's has said that "Me and Jeff have always clicked when writing together, so immediately we knew that the time was right to form a band and play once again." Hence why "Up The Annie", comes into effect here, as it brings out that classy yet progressive hard rock angst, that the 80's and 90's was so known for way back when, into the present day of the here and now. This album was and is their debut album of sorts, taking on a mere 10-track line-up of such numbers as "Save Me", "Dead Man Walking", "Freakshow", and "The Haunting". All tracks that bring to mind, that of such acts as U.F.O., Van Halen, and even the Scorpions. Listening to these assortment of tunes, you do get that feeling of these acts as well, due to the fact of their melodic presents, as the heavy metal meets hard rock appeal, keeps the energy in check. Lots of loud guitar riffing momentum, while the rest of the instruments and vocal chords, keeping the music pumping and fierce. In short, it is an album that will not bore you with its source material. It will more or less, entertaining yet please you to say the least of it.

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