Kenny Fame - Another Man's Woman (I Don't Wanna Lose This)

Kenny Fame, singer, songwriter, who was first to launch his career working at of all places the Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York. It would be this time and place where all would change for him, and fame would see fitting for Kenny Fame, not just in his namesake.

"Another Man's Woman (I Don't Wanna Lose This)", is his latest offering, in the form of a song made single release, as it depicts a throwback of sorts to the 70's soul era, take that mix in some alternative R&B as well, and you get Kenny Fame's uniqueness and style. His style of being very much alike to that of Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Barry White, or even David Ruffin, Al Green status. That is the style he is creating, and sounds like for the least part. His ways with style of sound upon "Another Man's Woman (I Don't Wanna Lose This)", is very alternative more or less, the sound bringing in an acoustic front, with a minor in reggae.

The song as a full focus, sounding a lot like country than alternative or R&B goes. As it would have it, his ways with the melodies and harmonies of his voice is very mellow drive, in-depth, yet soothing to the ear. As the music just floats, creating this fluid flow of emotion, that keeps everything in tune with everything else going on. It is like, the instruments at play, are working so vividly that they connect on another path of achievement. Their way with the music, creating a mellow yet upbeat tone, that can be enjoyed at any moment or placement. It has such a beat of tone, that you can easily dance along to it, or sing along with the words of it.

In terms of the song's material, it's lyrical context revolves around dealing with a man, being cheated upon by his partner, it not ending so nicely. So the emotions and sorrow is all embedded right there, you can instantly relate to what is being said. Lots of people having to deal with a cheating situation at one point in their lives, which downright sucks. How Kenny Fame may have dealt with it, can be heard right here. If he did not experience this personally, then perhaps from someone else, through word of mouth or just knowing that so many others have dealt with this type of problem at hand. It is not pretty or nice of someone to do, especially one that you love and care for.

As far as to sum it all up, Kenny Fame's "Another Man's Woman (I Don't Wanna Lose This)", is a type of single, taken from a song, that is so relatable to the listener, it goes on a series of leveling. Running through the emotions of how you can connect and feel for Kenny Fame. As he is one, dealing with this ordeal, it is hard to adjust to. But the song itself, can be very dwelling yet still catching to the ears, due it's overbearing beats. The beats being so effective, it makes the music more attractive.

All in all, Kenny Fame's song and style is well thought out, with a grand focus on something we can all notice, and take in as our own. It is a trace of music, that can be entertaining yet brief, but still gripping for all to hear it.

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