Drive On Mak - Babylon

Whenever one thinks of psychobilly, such other genres fall into place, such as punk, rock, punk rock, or even the other "billy considered genre rockabilly. In short, its punk rock music, with a more sped up pace, but still laid back punk rock material, that mixes the imagery lifted from horror films, sci-fi incarnations, to the like of other elemental dark forces at helm. This is simply Drive On Mak's "Babylon" EP, the follow-up to their previous EP release "Weapon".

As soon as the "Babylon" EP begins with the title track, it takes on that rock n'roll vibe with other elements thrown in such as reggae that creates a sound very much like Sublime crossed with Reel Big Fish. you get this laid back, easy listening experience of exposure, that makes you feel at ease and purely relaxed. While the next track on the list is one titled "Comin' For You", takes on a whole another approach of style and sound, being more driven into the direction of country mixed with folk and rock. It is mellow yet flows rather well with its melodies and turn of harmonies, it keeps it all very entertaining indeed. "Kiss Thy Hand", "Outlaw", and "Player", sound so different it makes the listening experience that more interesting. "Kiss Thy Hand", takes the same formula as the opening number's had done before it. Having this mellow yet flowing style of sound, that is catching yet has a beat you cannot resist. While the other tracks listed here are more in your face, but still draw from the other source material as well.

They are tracks that can be listen too but still be highly embracing to the hearer. They take on the rock form more so, having a more or less tone that stays true to the rock and roll format. You instantly thought up such acts as The Hellfreaks meets Horrorprops. While those two acts are very similar, Drive On Mak's style is very slightly similar to a point, their style being more rock based, keeping it fluid yet classy.

As for the rest of the EP, you get your mix up of more material that just falls along the lines of sounding decent. All in all Drive On Mak's being a solid band, with a promising premise of material both past, present, and future works. Surely their EP that is "Babylon", will continue to do nicely for them, as it shows great attitude with even greater approach in musical direction.

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