Hard Fall Hearts - Live at the Merrow

By far the BEST live album by any artist or band is got to be I Am Ghost's "Live in Orange County" released in 2009. All other acts that have released live releases in the form of an album or DVD release can be just as good, like Hand Fall Heart's "Live at the Merrow". It takes 17 tracks of its setlist existence taking some of the songs Hard Fall Hearts is known for the most, delivering them so well it is hard not to enjoy the ride offered by them. As you go through the setlist or tracklist of this live release, it takes you into an experience as said, that really showcases what a live show is about from Hard Fall Hearts. The crowd being heard only briefly at times, as their music tends to drown out their shouts and embodiments. It makes it more of a good thing, because you get to hear the band play, really embracing their tone of voice and musical style. It is rockabilly meets horror punk if not punk rock, it is hard to split it up really, but that is the feeling of what you get when listening. Especially when tracks like "Drive All Night", "Creatures of the Night", "Find a Reason", and "The Devil Lives Downstream". A lot of which brings out the music more so than the vocals at times, but it is still good old fashion tunes nonetheless. All in all though Hard Fall Heart's "Live at the Merrow", is a release with solid premise hands down.

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