Evanescence's Orchestral Return to the Los Angeles Market

"This is the first time, that we have ever played an album, we have not released live" said Amy Lee of Evanescence. The act known best for the track "Bring Me to Life", taken from their 2003 first debut album "Fallen". The band whose recent announcement of their return to the stage, and music scene as a whole, set the buzz a foot, as fans and more alike, got word, taken it into account about the band possibly releasing new material, let alone tour. Hence, why we are here currently, with all of this coming full circle, as Evanescence would indeed make a return to the stage, in the form a new tour, with all new material.

 In fact, this whole set up centers around their fourth full-length album, the album including reworked versions of the band's previous material, worked with orchestral arrangements and electronica musical elements as well. But best of all, two all new songs would be included in this release titled "Synthesis". Thus having the band embark on the "Synthesis Tour", visiting cities across the U.S. and Canada until December of 2017.

The second night taking place in of all places best, Los Angeles, California! At one of the most vivid yet unique venues around LA County, The Greek Theater. An outdoor theater venue, where the stage's set up goes at an angle, for the seating arrangement, with the stage setting be at the far end, as everyone faces in one direction, it just pulls it altogether really. Which is why this touring circuit worked out so well for Evanescence. The "Synthesis", album being played in its entirety from start to finish pretty much, having the orchestra perform their own setlist of course, each act's performances being very thorough.

To say the least though, 8PM struck the clock, as the orchestration erupted the stage, with their instrumental set up, grabbing in the audience's attention rather quickly, with such tunes as "Moonlight Sonata", "Lacrimosa", and "Pavane", to name a few, everyone getting drawn into "Sally's Song", a cover from Danny Elfman and the film The Nightmare Before Christmas. After they had performed their assortment of tracks, the orchestra would take a brief intermission, lasting roughly 15 minutes, as everyone got up to use the facilities, grab refreshments, and take in the environment as a whole.
 Around 8:45PMish all were already back in their seats, as the orchestration who had performed a 30 minute set prior, 8PM to 8:30PM, was in their positions, taken their seats, as the lights dimmed once more, just as before, but instead had Amy Lee walk upon the stage, taking a sit right at the piano. As she went into the first song of the evening, "Never Go Back", performed after the "Overture" of course. That would of course lead down the array of tracks taken from the "Synthesis", release, including such popular numbers as "Bring Me to Life", "Lithium", "My Immortal", as well as other material that had not been played in the longest time "Secret Door", "Lacrymosa", "Good Enough", and "Swimming Home".  The rest being live premieres, as they were taken off the album, but fans still took a rather liking to the material nonetheless.

Evanescence with Orchestra:

As each of the tracks of the setlist played on through though, the fans among the crowd broke out into countless cheers, shouts, "I love yous" "Love you Amy", right on back to cheering and shouting all over again. It was a joy to hear, in the dead pieces of silence, these glimmer of presents as all there, were there for one reasoning, to witness a band that is so well known for being who they are best, that is Evanescence.

Live Photos Taken By Natalie Perez

Thus, with that, their set list was preserved and well thought out, working really well with a live orchestra setting, playing with their own material, made Amy Lee's voice and band mates, work flawlessly together, yet sound unreal, truly stunning if that is at all possible. That is what you can take away from this performance that evening at The Greek Theater in the hills of Los Angeles County.

If you have never seen them live or even heard their material before, then this rendition of it, is for you in most definitely is, because Evanescence with Amy Lee's vocals, just tops it all. They bring it, and can make their performance hold so well, there are no other words around it, but it is just beautiful yet so fulfilling, it hurts.


Orchestra Opening Set:

1. La strada (Nino Rota cover)
2. La Chasse (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart cover)
3. Pavane (Gabriel Fauré cover)
4. Moonlight Sonata (Ludwig van Beethoven cover)
5. Adagio Cantabile (Ludwig van Beethoven cover)
6. Lacrimosa (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart cover)
7. Sally's Song (Danny Elfman cover)

Evanescence with Orchestra Set:

8. Overture (Live Premiere)
9. Never Go Back
10. Lacrymosa (First time live since 2012)
11. End of the Dream (Live Premiere)
12. My Heart Is Broken
13. Lithium
14. Bring Me to Life
15. Unraveling (Live Premiere)
16. Imaginary
17. Secret Door (First time live since 2011 and third time ever)
18. Hi-Lo (Live Premiere)
19. Lost in Paradise
20. Your Star
21. My Immortal
22. The In-Between (Live Premiere)
23. Imperfection (Live Premiere)


24. Speak to Me (Amy Lee solo song first time played live)
25. Good Enough (First time live since 2012)
26. Swimming Home (First time live since 2012)

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