Eternal Voyager - The Battle of Eternity

Eternal Voyager is one act, that has had a lot of changes, throughout their time as a band, with its array of members. While that may be the case at hand, they did manage in some shape and form, playing shows, writing and recording material as such, it was not until years later on, that they would really make it. Be something besides the obvious band that they had come so long to become, this would be when they would release their debut album entitled "The Battle of Eternity", playing more shows as the voyage continues.

Hence forth, Eternal Voyager was just beginning yet again, as this album "The Battle of Eternity", would be it, 11-tracks of long awaited material, that would take hold of the listener, taking them upon a voyage as the band has forever claimed to be on, that is what would happen upon this release. Take such tracks as "Holy Warrior", "Army of Our Lord", "This Is War!", and "This Battle's Not in Vain". These are the tracks that make this album, the album that it is. You get that fierce in your face adrenaline rush of energy, with fast pacing music to keep it in play, that makes the vocals powerful and prideful. It all works so willingly and evenly that it brings the music to become, a well rounded source of work, that just sends you on a mystical journey of the unknown. A voyage just as Eternal Voyager has disclosed over the years.

Their style is a lot of a lot of other power metal meets heavy metal types, such as Blind Guardian, Hammerfall, Ensiferum, and even some Iced Earth as well. Those acts are what Eternal Voyager is like and who they want to be like, but are their own well being, doing music creativity in their own format. "The Battle of Eternity", is an album to take into consideration, because it offers an epic journey unlike any other voyage possible, Eternal Voyager embraces the experience that is within their command, and can be found upon this release right here, right now.

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