Meat Train Release New Video for "Block 11"

Meat Train has released a new video for the track titled "Block 11". The song Block 11 was written by Meat Train front man Mike Pearson after visiting Auschwitz concentration camp - an experience that left a permanent scar on his soul.

"I wrote Block 11 after visiting one of the most awful places on earth. Why did I go there? My father lost his father as a consequence of that war, fighting against a regime that was so disgusting and evil. I felt I owed something to all those who were murdered. I took my father there too. I have never been to a place so dark and chilling in my life and I whilst I have visited the killing fields of Cambodia I never want to go to another place where millions of innocent people were murdered. These places are, however, an important part of history and will serve as reminders of the evil in the world and the importance that we must never let them happen again.

It touched me so deeply I walked around it and tears fell freely. I can't say I felt the pain and torture that so many innocent people were subjected to; that would be a great disrespect to them. What I can say is I felt so much anger that it had happened. I never want that to ever happen again, whether it be to one person or a million. The only way I thought I could share my anger was to write about it. To put it out into the world again, from someone of my generation, in the hope that people would never forget that truly awful and murderous regime that was founded on hate...but most importantly, that people would never allow that to happen again. It's not meant to glorify but to be a reminder that we as a race, the human race can never allow anything like that to happen ever again."

The video for Block 11 was created by Andy Pilkington of Very Metal Art (Flotsam And Jetsam, De Profundis etc) and it makes for uncomfortable, yet compelling viewing. It pulls no punches as it seeks to drive the message home - never, ever forget.

Check it HERE.

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