Isac Elliot Releases His New Single "AYO"

Finnish pop-phenomenon Isac Elliot releases his new single "AYO" via Sony Finland/RED MUSIC. The catchy dance-ready pop banger marks the first release from the singer's FAITH series, which is a set of five amazing new singles that will come out starting today and on October 6th, November 3rd, December 1st and December 26th. "AYO" is now available across all digital service providers.

With "AYO", Isac reunited with Joonas Angeria, who produced his hit single "New Way Home"and his entire Wake Up World debut album. "It's really cool to be making music with Joonas again after so many years. This time, we wanted a more urban feel in the verses and a big clear hook for the chorus. I think we did a great job! The song is about a 'bad girl.' I'd like to believe that everyone's got a big and good heart, but that's not always how it is," Isac Elliot says on the track. The track is featured on Spotify's "New Music Friday" playlist.

The singer's FAITH series is named after a word that describes Isac's relationship with his music and career, and also his fans' relationship with him."The faith my fans have in me and my music has always been the most important thing to me. Nothing else matters, really. Without them, I couldn't have done any of this and I wouldn't have experienced all of these awesome times and things. They have faith in me and I have faith in them. That's where the name FAITH comes from," says Isac on the series.

Click HERE to listen.

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