Dominick Fox & The High Heels Unveil Rebellious Debut Single, “Be Cool”

Brooklyn, NY is known as being a mecca for unique and innovative creative people. The borough is rich in culture, originality, and acceptance for pioneers who dare to be different. It comes as no surprise that genre-defying rockers Dominick Fox & The High Heels call this eclectic city home. The dizzying alternative-indie-pop sound is the musical brainchild of the projects namesake, Dominick Fox, a Long Island-born punk with an affinity for pop and soul. Today he’s unleashed his debut single, “Be Cool,” that’ll entice listeners to simultaneously throw up middle fingers and dance. It’s an empowering anthem about not caring what anyone thinks, according to Dominick it stemmed from the idea that "Being cool isn't accomplished through constant attempts at social approval and/or trying too hard, it's when you say fuck it and do what you want to do.” Listen to “Be Cool” on Idobi Radio:

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