Cyborg Asylum - My Metallica Dream

Cyborg Asylum is a New York City duo that sings as well as produces their content, in which their latest and newest material titled "My Metallic Dream" see's its release. In the form of a song turned single made video to boot. As the music would have it though, Cyborg Asylum brings an inventive brand of genres, including electronic, post industrial, alternative rock, etc.

In terms of the sound, it brings forth sharp beats, with well crafted grooves, that blends together such beautiful melodies and harmonies, that make up such a well rounded sound of material and sound overall really. Like take for instance the vocals used throughout the song, are very mellow, easy listening type of tone, whereas the instrumentals play off a more EDM sense, having that groovy beat with pulsing tone that keeps it all in check. The vocals being very clean cut, sounding crisp and clear as possible, that you think Cyborg Asylum sounds a lot like an act to come out of the 80's or 90's era.
Really though, their style and sound brings to mind that of Depeche Mode meets Duran Duran.

Cyborg Asylum bringing forth that same formula, having similar tactics of style, sound, and beats of melodies. That's how it plays out really, having similarities in this way, makes Cyborg Asylum be a lot like these other acts of the past. Their music would really be the type that could be heard within a club setting most likely. It has such a creative tone that you can easily find yourself dancing to or bobbing your head to at the least.

Another act that these guys bring to mind, would have to be the Smashing Pumpkins, in terms of the music, vocals only slightly. The vocals from the Smashing Pumpkins being very unique whilst, the vocals done here, are superb and done well, they are create a slight similarity to the Smashing Pumpkins vocals.  All in all their style is done well, in terms of Cyborg Asylum. Surely they will continue to expand their style, sound, and ability to create music. As such, their current abilities sound good, but could be better suited.

Like perhaps having a heavier side of their current genres of music, they sound decent and good enough, but taking that left turn, creating a more different approach, heavier appeal, could open more for them to do. Their genre choices indicate alternative rock, so perhaps influence more so of that material in their next batch of material. It may bring out more of themselves in a different side of melodies and harmonies, in music.

All in all, Cyborg Asylum's style is unique and creative. "My Metallic Dream", being something heard in the past, but in the present day. It has genuine tactics, that they can build upon, creating more different influences, taken from a heavier side of the spectrum placed here. As a matter of fact, it could just be that they need to take their music to the next level to get the adrenaline pulsating outward. That's the way to do it, and to do it best.

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