Breeze - Mocean

Mickey Breeze or Breeze is the 1/3 of the hip hop group Grynd Seazon. Since doing work with them, including their last collab together with Noah of Noah Archangel (The Band of the Hawk), these separate projects decide to record solo material in terms of songs, that would be specific to beats that touch them. "Mocean" is the title of this particular track but is also known as track 9 so apparently it is track number 9 off this upcoming album or EP release that this track will be included upon. Or perhaps track 9 is just a code name for "Mocean" none of it adds up or makes sense really. In any case track 9 or "Mocean", is a 10 year old beat, that was dug up by Breeze from Noah Archangel's The Band of the Hawk dusty MPC. So in short, no one has heard Breeze like this before, so this is an obvious treat.

When it comes to "Mocean", the track is your typical run of the mill hip hop, rap, R&B track, just like any other hip hop, rap, R&B artists or even band for that matter, out there currently both past or present. In terms of quality and sound, the quality on this track is done rather nicely, the song sounds decent. Everything music and vocals can be heard loud and clear, no issues whatsoever throughout its piece.

While the music portion sounds just as clear and crisp, having it contain a catchy beat, with a sensible rhythm. It is one of those tracks you can sit back, relaxing while listening in. It is an easy listening yet easy going type of track. Breeze has got the vocal harmonies down, as his voice is very trance worthy, that the track becomes one to listen to again and again.

Having heard it a number of times, it did catch on at times. As the source of beats became more suitable that you can stand it. It did not go as far as become annoying or boring. But entertaining in a way, that made the track more fun. In terms of lyrical context, it is hard to tell, what is being said, sense a lot of it, is spoken in a fast paced mannerism. But whatever is spoken is words that have to be of good purpose or somewhat along those lines.

As for the rest of it, not much to be had with it really. All that has been said about it is said here. Hip hop, rap, and R&B has never been to my liking at all. So listening to such tracks as "Mocean", among others is just hard at times. The music and quality as a full circle is downright entertaining and fun. No other way to be put really. But this music is just not for me, it sounds decent and is as was said about it. Nothing else more to be spoke of it. Breeze as an artist has got a track that has worked for him and will surely create more to draw in the listeners.

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