Armada Calls It Quits

Armada the band featuring frontman Jerimiah James formerly of Modern Day Escape, have made the announcement upon their Facebook page about their band "coming to an end". In other words, the band is quitting. The following was posted on their Facebook page this morning,

"Family and friends...Well as hard as it is to say it I guess there is some form of truth with the phrase "All good things must come to an end" with that being said we'd like to announce that Armada has come to an end.

We regret to inform everyone we had to cancel our appearance on Thursday at West End but please by all means go support the other awesome bands. We do apologize to everyone in advance.
When we started writing the new Armada record we wanted to change it up a little bit...experiment some if you will, but what started out as writing songs for Armada ended up becoming something of it's own entity. All of us has pretty much played some form of Heavy Metal our whole musical career. It has became somewhat monotonous and believe it or not We are burnt out on screaming and all the super heavy vocals.

As a song writer I want to write more melodies and tell tales as well as a singer while also changing over to a style I've always loved and felt really connected with for most of my life. This rang true with Kyle and Mike as well...we all just got burnt out on the metalcore sound and just didn't feel complete as musicians playing and writing that style anymore.

Unfortunately to do that, and achieve our goals and move forward with our new vision some changes had to be made. Ryan and Josh will no longer be a part of this new project going forward. We love those guys and always will, no hard feelings and they are extremely talented musicians and we wish them the best. We thank them for all their dedication and hard work they put into Armada. We know Ryan is back full force with I Woke Up Early For My Funeral so please everyone check out the new stuff they got coming out soon and support them. Also Josh is forming a possible RATM tribute act and also may be in the market if someone needs a great drummer as well so we encourage you to reach out and support him also.

With that being said we'd like to welcome A.J. Tompkins on guitar, who some of you might be familiar with his old band My Bitter End out of New York as they were a National Signed and Touring Band when he was with them and also on drums now is Matt McCormick who has played with Anyone's Guess and Kill The Sound. We'd like to welcome these amazing musicians and we've been working with them on the new stuff and we can't wait to finish writing and releasing the new record.

We are still working on coming up with a new name, identity etc. So stay tuned as we will be releasing more info on that soon. We also may release the couple of new songs we did for Armada at some point soon as well. To say the least we are excited to take this big step and bold new journey and can't wait to see what the future has in store as we start working on and finalizing some big plans for the near future.

But most of all we would like to thank you our fans, friends and families as without your support and continued support going forward nothing would or will be possible. We think you'll like what we're now writing musically and the new style we'll be doing. Think if you will sort of...A Day To Remember meets Yellowcard with some Anberlin thrown in for good measure. We still might throw a heavy ass riff in hear or there from time to time as well. Fun upbeat vibes all around and songs that pull at you emotionally and positively. It's going to be fun and kick ass we can promise you that. So stay tuned and keep checking back for more news, updates and songs soon. We love you guys.... ARMADA."

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