6Gang Releases Video for "I Got A Plug"

6Gang have been an active act for sometime now. During this time they have gone on to write and record material, that would include several singles, most recent being titled "I Got A Plug". This single was made into a video to accompany it's single's release. The video being age restricted so view with caution. When asked about what the listeners will get from listening to 6Gang's music, the band responded in an interview via Skope Magazine saying

"It’ll be a combo of things, you’ll get us as an artist and as people also realness from our heart and the life we lived and where we at in life today. It’s explosive as you can see for yourself, we give excitement to our viewers and listeners, as well as hope for our youth to see how we did it and know."

Aside from this new single turned video for "I Got A Plug", 6Gang went on to say about them currently working on a mixtape and an album, with all new blood to hit the hip hop scene soon. That said and done, 6Gang goes into further detail about if compared to any other artist or band who would it be and they went on saying that

"Nobody we rare breed and it shows thru our music, but one of our big influences in the game and how they doing is migos, they are the number 1 group right now, but other than that we salute and support all hip hop artists out there."

So expect the unexpected from 6Gang and stay in check with their current single and video for their track "I Got A Plug" right HERE.HERE.

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