Spaztic Robot - Skip Rope Rhymes

Spaztic Robot a side project of Robbie of UK rock group Rebel City Radio. Spaztic Robot is something totally different. So much difference that it doesn't even have a genre to base itself off, it just describes itself simply as "Mongrel", or as Slap Magazine says "Songs/Stories inspired by two dead dogs. For those unafraid to embrace the unknown, Spaztic Robot may well be for you".

That said, this album is calling itself "Skip Rope Rhymes" consisting of 11-tracks, all varying from sounding a mix between industrial, techno, rock, and some metal, it just offers a tad of everything. Such songs that stick out has to include "The Ants!", "Confetti Crowns", and "At Daggers Drawn". These songs just make this release, more interesting, they possess this tone of music, that really captures the sound, it makes the music move to the beats, and makes it flow, like it will never end, type of sense.

All in all this album, is totally something different and sounds a lot like nothing you have ever heard before. It's just a good blend of little of this and little of that. It's a mixture of something you wouldn't expect to hear, and that's what makes it that more interesting and entertaining of sorts.

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