J. Jewels Releases New Single and Song for "Itty Bitty Bum Bum"

J. Jewels, writer/producer issues Itty Bitty Bum Bum, an irresistible three minute and fifty second pop/hip-hop/dance single which launches his new JEI Music group. Along with Ucmee and rapper Young Tommy KnockOut, J. Jewels delivers a smart, grooving magical ride that begs for repeated spins.

The Booty Shaker of the Summer of 2016 is ITTY BITTY BUM BUM   -   first single release from the Lp "J. Jewels Presents" is heading towards 140,000 plus views. The song had 105,890 views with over 750 likes on June 8th and the Lyric video was only released about a month ago. Along with the intense reception on the internet, radio is responding to the booty shaker song for summer 2016 with the single being worked to terrestrial radio, satellite and online stations.

ITTY BITTY BUM BUM is the first release on J. Jewels new JEI Music label. Give a listen by putting this information into your phone or computer: ITTY BITTY BUM BUM:




Make it quake – when the booty drop / we want to feel the floor shake!

From the forthcoming J. Jewels Presents, the first album release on the new label JEI Music Group, the brain child of Jewels, the creative mind that has launched a number of New England area artists over the past decade. J. Jewels has also worked with Ne-Yo – the Gentleman, Serani, Fat Joe, Mighty Mystic, Verse Simmonds, Mr. Vegas, Maino and many other ground-breaking artists.

Jewels is putting together his J. Jewels presents tour and you can expect to see artist on his album with him performing not just songs off his album but their hit and platinum singles.

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