Vampires Everywhere Casts a Ritual of Sorts Upon Los Angeles

Vampires Everywhere, a little group of Vampires, seeking out the blood, sweat, and souls of the world, when getting their start way back when, in 2009, between then through 2013, the band went on to tour, play shows, and release a debut EP "Lost in the Shadows" (2010), and two full-length albums, "Kiss the Sun Goodbye" (2011) and "Hellbound and Heartless" (2012), via Hollywood Waste Records/Century Media Records. After doing so much activity as it were, the band was staked in the heart, fading, away, as only original remaining member Michael "Vampire" Orlando, went on to create an entirely different band, called The Killing Lights, who also released a debut EP, played some shows, what have you. Then their time in the spot light, dimmed out and Vampires Everywhere returned from the grave, come 2015 up until this point and time, playing shows, going out on tours, and even writing and recording for their third full-length album "Ritual", which was released independently. All of that said and done, the Vampires, have come to the place they have always called home, Los Angeles, California, for a little warm-up showcase at Los Globos, that believe it or not, has an upstairs and down stairs, for various shows.

Tonight's showcase happening upstairs, brought in a somewhat decent sized crowd, of on lookers, as they took in the few opening acts, playing their stuff, one of those being an act from Las Vegas, Nevada, called A Poison Alibi, who got their start in 2013, releasing their debut EP "Through Pain and Peril" and are currently in the process of working and releasing a debut full-length. Any who, the band took the stage, performing a lengthy setlist, of material off the EP, to new material, really getting that crowd of on lookers to enjoy their presents. The band themselves, putting on a rather great show, the instruments were in sync with the vocalist, as everyone on the stage and in the crowd, were having a great time from all surroundings. The band can really embrace their craft, interacting with the crowd, having them clap their hands to the beats of their tunes, to singing until their heart can't take it much longer, really striking their musical aspiration and determination with giving a solid performance.

A Poison Alibi:

But they weren't the only solid seekers out tonight, Here Lies The Hero, from Los Angeles themselves, put on a great performance all their own. Having a lot of old material, and some new material in the works, to even including a new drummer, causing a lot of fun filled thrills and excitement for all to bear witness too. These guys really kept the crowd on their toes, singing along, to interacting with them, singing right in their faces, jumping on and off the stage, up and down, really giving it all they got, pretty much, that they couldn't contain themselves, making their stage presents that more enjoyable and rather interesting. That these guys are going places, and can easily make a crowd very pleased with their musical craftsmanship.

Here Lies The Hero:

That being said, was time for the headliners of the evening, Vampires Everywhere, who performed a decent set list, consisting of new material off their recent and third full-length "Ritual", and even older works, from their earlier days, ranging from such hits as "Star of 666", "Drug of Choice", "Undead Heart", and going way, way, way, back to "Immortal Love". While they did play these bunch of oldies, a lot of their setlist, consisted of newer works like "Perfect Lie", "Black Betty", "Take Me to Church", to "Violent World", and "Truth in You". All in all, Vampires Everywhere, put on a great performance, while they have had some changes, over the years, this is a solid line-up that will surely take them places, ever so further into their music careers. That being said, the band mates interacted with one another at times, going back and forth on the stage, while the frontman vocalist Michael, hopped in place, to tossing the microphone about, to singing his guts out, really all just blended well together, that it was a total blurred sight, at times. That the crowd, checking them out, was really into their music, dancing in place, to bobbing their heads to the beats, everyone in eyesight and earshot, was having a good old time.

Vampires Everywhere!:

Vampires Everywhere may have had those said changes, but the changes are for the better, and these guys have gotten better, with their musical trait, performance tactics, and style, that they are going to be around, for a long time, because come on they are Vampires, you can't kill a Vampire.... or can you?


1.Star of 666
2. Perfect Lie
3. Kiss Of Death
4. Take Me to Church
5. Truth in You
6. Black Betty
7. Violent World
8. Drug Of Choice
9. Undead Heart
10. Immortal Love

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