WagakkiBand's Deep Impact Upon California Terrain

Los Angeles, California it's known to home some of the most well known venues and night clubs across the county, some though aren't so known, this is the case for club venue Club Bahia. Established in 1974, this club features numerous live music in the form of Latin music, DJs, and dancing during its weekend set-ups, but during the week, its hours of operation, varies, this being the case for welcoming back to the U.S. Of A. WagakkiBand from Japan! WagakkiBand fuses traditional Japanese music, especially the Japanese instruments with rock instruments and music style to bring out a fresher yet ethic Japanese live show!

That being said, WagakkiBand has made it over to the U.S. a few times before, thus including appearances at 2015's Anime Expo, headlining the Cool Japan Festival, making other appearances in Austin, Texas at the SXSW (South By South West Festival) as well as New York City's Irvine Plaza Theater, returning to sunny Southern California for their first ever mini U.S. tour! Playing not one but three showcases on this first U.S. touring run, stopping in San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, California!

Upon arrival there was little to be known about the Club Bahia club venue, so the turn out, was to be quite interesting, to say the least. The Female-fronted Japanese 8-piece, thrilled it's packed audience, that was surprisingly not sold out, as their first date on their U.S. tour. But they surely got the crowd entertained in a variety of ways. Ranging from a drum duel, between the drummers, to the guitarists also dueling it out, during their assorted set. To the entire band, getting interactive with the crowd, asking them to clap along, as well as sing along, to numerous songs, the crowd was pleased to comply with their request.


During their set, if their members weren't dueling it out, with one another, each of the members, went on to perform a solo, as a solo act, having the guitarist perform his piece, while the drummers, had their own share of solo pieces, to the rest of the members, doing their own pieces, the crowd was overwritten with excitement.  So much so in fact, that the band went on to play a few numbers, of some highly popular anime shows, including Attack On Titan, Twin Star Exorcists, Samurai Warriors, to other theme songs like for a Japanese film called "Zane", to even having a theme song for the Rio Olympics on TV Tokyo a National Network TV channel in Japan.

But  let us not forget, their one track that is a cover song, that has had over 40 million views on YouTube, called "Senbonzakura", you may have heard of this song, performed by another Japanese artist, pop icon vocaloid Hatsune Miku! Yes WagakkiBand has done vocaloid covers, including this one, also sung by Hatsune Miku, for those who may not know, but hey now you do! These guys blending traditional Japanese instruments and music style, with modern instruments and music, was quite ingenious, not too many bands can say, that they have done the same thing, and these guys can so that, because they do, do that and they do it quite well.


They put on a fun performance, with audiences filled with glow sticks, cheering until their hearts filled with unbarring happiness, that can please you, even if you aren't a fan of their music, you can easily walk away smiling, because you did like them, even if you can't admit it. While their merchandise selection may be a bit steep in the pricing range, if you got the cash and are willing to dish it out, go right ahead and pick up an item or few, they have tour t-shirts available, as well as several CDs, DVDs, Blurays, and even posters, all up for grabs!

All in all, the WagakkiBand, out does themselves, making the music that they love, while also pleasing the audience, witnessing their presents, they are an act you will want to follow, keep an eye on, and will always remember, because of their beautiful music. Expect them to do further rounds upon the U.S. Of A soon enough!


1. Strong Fate (Theme Song for Japanese Movie Zane)
2. Tengaku
3. Valkyrie (Theme Song for Twin Star Exorcists)
4. Hanabi
5. Hangeki no Yaiba (Theme song for Attack On Titan)
6. Shigin - Koin Kunwo Tazunu
7. Furin no Utautai
8. Tono Monogatari: Kyushi (Amazing Grace)
9. Homura
10. Hagane
11. Shiromadara
12. Yosihwara Lament
13. A,atsuki no Ito
14. Wadaiko (Drum Battle)
15. Hoshi Zukiyo
16. Ikusa (Theme Song for Samurai Warriors)
17. Kishi Kaisei (Theme Song for Rio Olympics on TV Tokyo National Network TV in Japan)
18. Senbonzakura (Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Cover)

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