Lalaloopsy - Festival Of Sugary Sweets

When discovering Lalaloopsy had turned itself into its own TV series, with side movies popping up every now and again, this title "Lalaloopsy Festival Of Sugary Sweets" takes your favorite characters on yet a whole new adventure! This time it's just the right time for the Festival of Sugary Sweets, where a sugar shortage has threatened the festival, causing the girls to think up the best way to save the day! Having discovering that by working together as a team, that only something special can occur. Lots of laughs, fun, and various characters come in and out, with a lot of references to previous movie adventures, like Dot's airplane from "The Search for Pillow" and "Wishful Thinking" is used here, whereas Elephant's Birthday is celebrated and is revealed that he is indeed a boy! Other characters like Peppy and Sugar have all new looks with the new minis and Littles debuting as well! It's just chalk full of various activities, fun, and excitement, as the characters interact with one another, creating different things to happen, that makes each scene that more enjoyable. Be sure to add this one to your Lalaloopsy collection, because it's sugariness, really bites at your sweet tooth!

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