Make Me A Donut Bakes with Us

Progressive deathcore act, Make Me A Donut have been hard working upon their sophomore release "Bright Side". A few of the bandmates got together to discuss it, as well as their future plans.

1. Let's talk a little about the history of the band. When did you originally form and is this the original line-up?

Marc: It was in January 2010. we used to be six and we had a keyboard.

Joan: But now we have a mac. Xavier left the band during three years, has been replaced by Manu and then Julien, Julien has done a major part of the writings for Olson. We decided to fire up Isaïe last year, our artistic skills didn't match very well, and then we engaged Val. And at this moment Xavier came back, studies were done! Haha.

2. Do you remember how the idea of forming the band first came up?

Marc: My mate in Fabien, former keyboard player ask me if I wanted to make a seriousproject with Joan, a dude he met at high school.

Joan: I have no precise idea... We were talking about forming a band with our ex-keyboard player, he knew Marc, we met and started.

3. How long after you formed was it until you played your first live show?

Marc: About four months but the singer were there only since 3 weeks.

Joan: After we found enough members to form a band

4. What are your memories of the performance?

Marc: A lot of fun and pleasure. We were proud to show our friends our new project.

Joan: We were ridiculous. Not the good way. Haha.

Marc: Exactly what I said.

5. Why did you want to go with the name Make Me A Donut? Who is the one who is supposedly making me a donut?

Marc: I don't remember why we choose it. Xavier used to do it. He invented "donuts" with a friend
Valentin : Actually, a donut is not what you think it is. It's actually a practice that consists of throwing up while turning over ourselves, when you're drunk. At the time, we were young and stupid and we just wanted to form a band to have fun with our friends.

6. Since we're on the topic of donut, do you have a favorite type of donut or particular sweet?

Joan: Chocolate FTW!

Valentin: I think the standard sugar ones are still the best. ;)

Marc: Double beers and Amaretto's one.

 7. Are you going to have donut themed merchandise?

Marc: It's on the way!

Joan: Already done, and we're planning on shirts!

Valentin: Some drafts are currently being made for a potential new design.

8. Tell us about your experience in the studio recording the new record?

Joan: It was stressful. We decided to push ourselves to the limit of what we can play, so everyone had to work three times more than usual.

Marc: This time we decided to work more because we wanted to be more natural than other productions.

Valentin: It was a very good experience overall, we all get along very well with our producer, who was patient and made a great work

9. Would you day that the band was comfortable in the studio?

Marc: Le démon.

Joan:  Yeah.

Valentin: It sure was.

10. Do you remember the very first time you heard the final mix of the new record and what you were thinking?

Marc: I was like : « is this seriously my band ? ». I was very happy to ear it with the sound we wanted because we used to ear them with homemade pre-productions since months.

Joan: It was exciting, we had pre-productions of it, homemade ones, so we already had an idea of what it would sound like. But the final result is way better than expected!

Valentin: After a year, I couldn't listen to these songs anymore

11. How did you guys choose who you wanted to have as guest vocals on the new album?

Marc: We met iwrestledabearonce on tour last year and created good contacts with them.

Joan:  We had the opportunity with her so we took it! Haha.

Valentin: It wasn't planned, Courtney LaPlante offered to do guest vocals on her Facebook page and we just thought she could fit the musical universe of MMAD so we wrote her and she accepted.

12. Whose idea was it to put the band's name backwards on the album's artwork? What does that symbol on the artwork represent?

Joan: The symbol represent the letters MMAD, you have to be creative to see it.

Valentin: Wasn't planned either, one of us did it for fun on the new merch we made and we just thought it looked good. So we thought, new album, new typo, and there it was.

13. Why go with a title like "Bright Side" what is there to look for on a Make Me A Donut's bright side?



Valentin: I'd say the album was composed with a pretty positive state of mind and sounds more colorful than the old stuff. Moreover, the lyrics talk about ignorance but (mostly in an ironical way), focused on its bright side.

14. Do you have a favorite song on the album as of right this second?

Valentin: Valar Morghulis, Between.

Joan: Between, Valar Morghulis.

Marc: Mine is Elusion.

15. What does the next year hold for you and your band?

Marc: We will tour around Europe and probably... Our next album talk about spoilers!

Joan: Surprise! We don't really know!

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