Freakangel's Dimitri Discusses their Show Of Violence

Industrial metal band Freakangel was founded at the end of 2009, since then though, the band has gone on to perform at various festivals, shows, tours, and of course release material including three albums, three EPs and several live releases including most recent "The Show Of Violence", a live album with a free live stream of the video portion of this same performance. Frontman vocalist Dimitri discusses this release and the plans for the future.

1. What made you guys decide to form a band?

Dimitri: We all have some musical background and our dream was to form a band that didn’t restrict our sound to a single subgenre. We are big fans of death, black, grind metal and industrial, techno and even rap. Why not try to blend them all together.

2. Your band's name is Freakangel but the initials are Frkngl, how did you come up with that? Why did you want to shorten it to this way and why do you think bands tend to have initials anyway?

Dimitri: I remember us working on some ideas for our banner and Freakangel was always too huge to fit... we've decided to use initials instead. I think that it looks more modern and fancy at the same time. I never thought that we will start using it even on our albums... but why not? Logos are good... especially when they are simple to draw/write.

3. Why did you want "The Show Of Violence" live CD/DVD to be released separately as opposed to being together?

Dimitri: I do not think that we have released it separately. I still count it as a one huge single release that is just being released on different platforms. Do you have enough time to watch it? Perfect. No? Grab it digitally and have a listen on the way to work.

4. You decided to go and release "The Show Of Violence" live DVD portion for FREE online, how come and why do you think doing the free approach means to the music scene? Will you be considering it more often?

Dimitri: We have decided to thank our fans for being with us since 2010 when we released our debut album. Giving this release away for free after working on it for 8 months, we thought, was best way to show our gratitude. We salute all our fans for their friendship and support!  

5. The live version of 'The Show Of Violence" was available as a digital album only, why not release it in physical format as well?

Dimitri: Physical format costs more... Today it's a tougher market than it was when we first started. Different times need different approach... and we are talking about live album. It's pretty simple now days to download audio from YouTube and we are very thankful to our fans that we willing to support us by buying our music even if it's out there for free.

6. Why did you think that your 2014 tour of "The Ones To Fall" was the right tour to do this live album and DVD for? What made this tour stand out above all the rest?

Dimitri: I can't say that this tour stands out above all the other shows that we performed ... but at the same time its much more improved compared to other shows we played 2-3 years ago. From all points of view...  We are getting older and smarter if its possible to say and at the same time we have almost finished working on our 4th album that will bring new changes into our sound... so we wanted to say "goodbye" to our old era with some huge farewell to remember. Exactly as we did in 2012 with our first "The Faults Of Humanity: live" DVD. Check them both out and you will see the difference. I hope that we will never cease to surprise.

7. You got to do this show in your hometown of Tallinn, Estonia, did you already decide since day 1 that if you ever did a live release it would be at home? Why did you want to do it at home? Do you think doing it from home as opposed to somewhere else was the right choice or do you think you would have gotten a different reaction or it wouldn't of mattered?

Dimitri: We love and support our local scene and our local crew. It was decided since day 1 that we will make it here in Tallinn, Estonia. It's not about reaction (it's good at home and abroad, thankfully). It's all about being true to your roots.

8. Why did you think naming this release "The Show Of Violence" was the right way to go? How is this the show of violence?

Dimitri: Firstly I would like to commit that we are totally against any real violence... and answering to your question... well... we wanted to name this release after one of our songs but with a bit different approach. Our latest video was for the track called "The Book Of Violence". I think that this idea came from Marilyn Manson's live album "The Last Tour on Earth" and his track "The Last Day on Earth". We love Manson.

9. Is this your first live album and live DVD release?

Dimitri: Yeah, it's our first live album to be released separately but our second DVD. "The Faults Of Humanity: live: Limited DVD was released in 2012 and its totally sold out now. Both concerts are available on our YouTube channel (

10. Would you consider releasing more live releases in the future?

Dimitri: I think that this is a good idea and a good chance to show people how you progress in what you are doing... and not all our fans can see our show live so why not to let them see it online? So yeah... we will definitely do another live release in the future.

11. Do you have any new music in the works besides this new release?

Dimitri: We are near finishing our 4th album... We are still searching for our sound so once again it will be something different... it will differ from our previous work for sure.

12. What other plans of activity, can we expect to see from you guys?

Dimitri: We will hit the road once again during this October and November. Only European dates for now,  but we are still looking forward of being able to reach the states.

13. Any final words you would like to express?

Dimitri: Thank you for your time and let's keep the underground music alive!

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