Lalaloopsy Double Feature DVDs, Lalaloopsy Holiday Treat and Lalaloopsy Sew Sweet Movies

Lalaloopsy have released numerous titles, so much so, that they have decided to re-release some titles into a combination of two together as one! Well sort of, "Lalaloopsy Holiday Treat" and "Lalaloopsy Sew Sweet Movies" aren't just 1 DVD disc, each of these are different titles, and each set, comes with not one but two DVD discs. The "Lalaloopsy Sew Sweet Movies" consists of 2 DVD discs one containing "Lalaoopsies A Sew Magical Tale" with added mini adventure bonus shorts, and the other disc contains "LalaloopsyPonies The Big Show" with more bonus mini adventure shorts and even a sing-a-along!

While the "Lalaloopsy Holiday Treat" also contains of two DVD discs with their own titles, "Lalaloopsy Babies First Steps" and "Adventures in Lalaloopsy Land the Search for Pillow". Both of these also containing what the other titles, did, having those bonus mini adventure shorts, as well as a sing-a-along! As far as the titles go, having seen them beforehand, picking them up from my local library, these titles seeing again, brought back those previous enjoyments. The fun, laughs, and giggles, with all of the beloved characters, as they interact with one another, sharing their stories, secrets, and just fun filled fun, in all of Lalaloopsyland itself! New characters and the old one's are brought out, showcasing their new abilities when talking to one another, making each of these films, more exciting to witness.

These titles, are as the others, surly another one of those sets, that you gota have in your Lalaloopsy collection of sorts! It's another step into seeing future titles from this brand, combining even other tales of adventure, together into one awesome set!

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